Dec 7, 2008

Niku Daruma

Also known as Psycho: The Snuff Reels. Also known as Tumbling Doll of Flesh. Amidst the J-sploitation onslaught that ravaged gorehounds leaving them stirring in their sleep, Tamakichi Anaru created some of the more prolific films. You may have heard of Suicide Dolls, Womens Flesh: My Red Guts, or his masterpiece - Niku Daruma. One can only assume from the sur-title "Snuff Reels", the transfixed idea had been brainstormed for a short period of time. A Hole in My Heart, this is not.

A copy of subtitles has been scavenged for since the dawn of this film. I prefer the lack of words to be honest. It creates a false sense of security and births tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Had video art films had commentary explaining what each shot means and forcing you to interpret it one way, the mysticism would be gone. The unknown is much more satisfying, pointed out by Fox's comment on La Cabina. If Unearthed Films ever decides to release this film, the subtitles should be turned off by default.

The plot in a nutshell is a home video tape of an amateur porn shoot in which an ugly ass Asiatic woman (with Dolphin teeth) gets picked up for a home video. It starts off normal enough with the trademarked Japanese mosaic covering the genitals, but then they begin to sodomize her and practice Japanese rope bondage. She doesn't take too kind to this and leaves for the bathroom. Upon entrance, she is hit upon the head with a bat and tied up to star in her greatest - and last performance.

In the arsenal of graphic imagery at hand, there comes many new-comers to cinema in general. Such infamous scenes as the potato peeler scene populate Niku Daruma. A male fucks a drugged woman while she becomes a multiple amputee. Her screams were voted to be cut short by swift way of potato peeler to her tongue in graphic and shocking detail. A hole is cut in her stomach then fucked by the male porn star only to ejaculate a crude mix of sex fluids and blood. The scenes of violence are aided with the hand of the sound of her curdling cries choking on blood. The real question is, would you except death for pleasure?

Think Flowers of Flesh & Blood but sleazier. Niku Daruma will undoubtedly leave a horrendous taste in your mouth. Tamakichi "Anal" Anaru has transformed shoddy directing into a disgusting art form, not quite on the scale of visual performance pieces but a perfected Jess Franco technique, though shocking to the touch.

Niku Daruma has nauseated people across the globe (that is, if they can find it). This film has inspired some truly pathetic talent such as horrorcore rapper Sutter Kane (from Carpenter & Lovecraft). His newest album is called Cyco: The Snuff Reels. I'd prefer to avoid this material. In any case, this film has received some less-than-favorable reception, but then again, most people that watch these films always seem to miss the depth and beauty of sex & death. It would be reasonable to say I have an aesthetic fascination of such topics.



Fox said...

Thanks for the nod there on my comment from a previous post. And yes, it sounds like it applies again here...

When I read your descriptions of extreme films like this one, I am always attracted to them b/c they are part of a demented unknown to me. I hope that doesn't sound like an insult, b/c I don't mean it to be. These movies just get at something I have never confronted before. I've never seen movies so violent... especially so SEXUALLY violent.

But I guess I'm getting off topic... back to the sound. So yeah, seeing images from this film, and then imagining them with sound and dialogue that I cannot comprehend frightens me even more. It makes the happenings on scream seem even more inhuman. You can't connect to them through language so you feel even more shaken by the images.

Lastly, have you guys seen that film Late Bloomer? It's not anything what this movie sounds like, but I saw it at a festival and thought it would be perfect for a Soiled Sinema review. It's about a disabled man that turns to murder b/c he's so frustrated by his inability to connect with the "abled". It's flawed, but pretty fascinating. Anyway... just wanted to drop that in there b/c I would love to read your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is the most sickening and awesome piece of film work I've heard of.

Unknown said...

As usual, SS has me sold.
*goes and looks for ir*

Phantom of Pulp said...

I do find this more effective without subs.

The production company, Aroma, usually make very passionate scat videos (lesbian scat videos).

Soiled Sinema said...

Passion and scat are words that don't seem to go hand-in-hand. For your recommendation, I must track these down.

Joseph Driftwood said...

it's a shame that this could have been a very brutal and sickening film, had the director used some editing. the shock wears off for me when a guy takes five minutes to saw off an obviously rubber arm. also, it takes almost takes 45 minutes for anything to happen. i can't say I'm really disappointed, just underwhelmed.

ps- i saw what you meant by the dolphin teeth. jesus christ...