Dec 17, 2008

The Machinist

The Machinist is a Spanish “psychological thriller” starring a sickly Christian Bale. Bale looks so unhealthy that he could have easily been an extra in your typical holocaust film classic. Maybe Steven Spielberg could cast Christian Bale in a prequel to Schindler’s List. But seriously, in The Machinist Christian Bale looks like a cross between Nosferatu and a concentration camp survivor. Christian Bale lost over 60 pounds for The Machinist which shows the kind of acting dedication worthy of Max Schreck’s approval.

After watching The Machinist, I found out the film was a Spanish production. No surprise here as the film has a different type of atmosphere that didn’t feel like your typical American “psychological thriller.” The Machinist director Brian Anderson certainly got the film’s nightmarish feeling down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Anderson studied at the film school of David Lynch. Director Brian Anderson put a lot of emphasis on mood which few directors are capable of nowadays.

Christian Bale’s character having the name Trevor Reznik is no surprise. The Machinist looks like it could have been a feature length Nine Inch Nails video minus pseudo-dark industrial music. Trevor Reznik, despite probably only weighing about 100 pounds, is obviously much tougher than NIN man Trent Reznor. Trevor Reznik is easily Christian Bale’s most mentally deranged acting role to date. Nobody has ever denied Bale’s superb performances at playing a psycho. It makes me wonder when Bale will do something crazier in his public life than just assaulting his mother and sister.

The Machinist does have it’s faults and a fairly weak ending. I really hope they weren’t trying to make another Fight Club with this film, but my suspicious lead me to believe so. The Machinist had the potential to be a great film but is just a good film. Christian Bale gives it his all acting and director Brian Anderson, unlike most American directors, cares about actually directing. I can only assume that Fantasy Factory, the producers of the film, got in a way of the films production. Producers have a way of destroying films because they tend to hate art and love mediocrity.

-Ty E


Unknown said...

This movie was pretty good. And yes, everytime Bale is on screen, epsecially shirtless, I can't help but think of the holocaust as well. Whats more amazing is how quickly he "buffed up" for Batman Begins months later...

Keith said...

I thought this was a good film. It did have some flaws, but it was still better than a lot of what's coming out these days. Bale definitely showed his devotion to his craft. He looked so sickening in this film.