Dec 30, 2008

Kon Kin Plead 3

WARNING: Animal Cruelty

Judging from the foreboding logo sprawled in red during the introduction to PETA hell, I'd like to assume this is a documentary discussing the horrors of humanity ala Jacopetti's Mondo Cane. Language differences block any and all source of comfort, thus making this film's mixed messages much harder to stomach. You're probably asking yourself, "What the hell is Kon Kin Plead 3?". The answer isn't easy. From a bird's-eye view, my best guess is to call it a documentary of delicacies in the form of wildlife.

In between the Pirates of the Caribbean stolen score that appears every so often, the result is a quite tragic piece of film making. Had I known what they were saying, I might have been able to simply dismiss this film as useless but my curiosity overwhelmed me to such a degree, that simply shutting this off wouldn't have sufficed. Remember the infamous turtle evisceration scene in Cannibal Holocaust? Well, Kon Kin Plead 3 is an extended and lost in translation version of that extended to a mind-numbing length of 50 minutes.

According to my sources, Kon Kin Plead is a reality show of sorts. One that involves Thai reporters traveling to film their neighbors - the Cambodians - indulge in exotic treats of various forest critters. I'd like to get this out of the way. I love animals. I respect all phylum's and all shapes. Unlike a 16 year old girl and her fear of spiders, I respect all life to a degree. Fear should only be used as a tool of utmost respect anyhow. Watching such widely despised creatures like tarantulas and snakes getting devoured, sometimes while alive, is horridly upsetting to both your principles and your digestive system.

I believe I read this film being called a "Crazy Critter Cuisine" somewhere on this wonderful wide web. All this blood-draining is getting to me. It's not that I'm queasy, it's the fact that this film is useless. I may not know what they're saying and that these events are directed towards realism, but the "Arterial spray sound effect" needn't be applied to the throat slitting of a serpent. That's down right low, even for a wannabe mondo film. Kon Kin Plead 3 might have been a culturally fascinating, albeit graphic documentary, had I been reassured that there was a point behind all this savagery.


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