Dec 25, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is a Hollywood classic that actually deserves to be watched by every American family during the Holiday season each year. As much as I feel that most Hollywood “classics” are usually overrated and contrived studio products, It’s a Wonderful Life deserves the special recognition it has. As much as James Stewart has always annoyed me to an extent, his performance in It’s a Wonderful Life is one of his greatest (if not his best). It’s a Wonderful Life is also an essential film to watch this Christmas with the economic crisis that has been plaguing this country and has already resulted in suicides.

Henry F. Potter is the kind of villain that most Americans can feel good about hating this time of the year. Recently, a real life Potter was exposed by the name of Bernard L. Madoff. Madoff, a Zionist “philanthropist,” is easily as despicable as the banker fiend Potter. Just as Christmas never truly leaves us every year, neither do the coldhearted swindlers. One can also expect Madoff to get off fairly leniently just as Henry F. Potter. Sadly, the George Bailey's of the world seem to become less and less.

It’s a Wonderful Life debuted in theaters in 1946 and a lot has changed since then. America had just won its hand in the second World War and things looked good. However, the “small man” still had a hand with the banks and his community. Bankers like Henry F. Potter did not have the majority of people completely financially tied down as virtual serfs. The world of “Potterville” is one of degenerate Jazz, loose women, and disgruntled souls as George Bailey finds out. Drive around most American towns or cities nowadays and you will see that degeneracy has become the norm. It’s a Wonderful Life director Frank Capra was not lying with his portrayal of how bankers like communities and people to be when under their miser wrath of usury.

It’s a Wonderful Life is a film that needs to be seen in it’s original black and white format. Aside from the color version horribly done, the black and white format better compliments the films depiction of an American past. The majority of America has now been enslaved by having to say “Happy Holiday” instead of the classic “Merry Christmas.” Christmas has become just another capitalist Holiday that people like Bernard L. Madoff exploit for financial gain. Thankfully, It’s a Wonderful Life is still a celebrated film that gives the audiences a celebration of more “hopeful” times.

-Ty E

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peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

I always loved the gorgeous little girls in this film, i wish i could`ve buggered them at the time this movie was made, they were such little darlin`s.