Dec 13, 2008

Gran Torino

Gran Torino was film set to chase Changeling in the theatrical run. Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, this film takes a diagonal and counter angle look at such franchises as Death Wish and other assorted revenge films, and spins an emotional web displaying life, the pursuit of happiness, and tolerance. Clint performs as Walt; a grizzled, jaded Korean war veteran that hates any and all walks of life. That is, until he meets to gook family next door that provides a savory view at racism throughout the times and how sometimes, people don't need to change their entire views on a culture. Accepting an entire culture might be a bit too much for an "old school" 70 year old.

Clint Eastwood is one of the definitive American icons of all genres - Spaghetti Western, Drama, Action, Western, and many more. He has defied many physics by acting in films that can be called "brainless shoot em' ups"and then directing multi-Oscar winning pictures. The wrinkled man can attest for the majority of quality drama's seen in Hollywood today. Million Dollar Baby not only revived Hilary Swank's dead career (as dead as her role in that feminist-fuck Karate Kid film) but created a boxing film that interested people who weren't fans of boxing. In a way, Million Dollar Baby paved the way for many of the films you see today.

When Gran Torino reach it's limited theatrical premiere, I'd read several reviews expressing a new distaste in Gran Torino. Seeing as how I refuse to watch Changeling, I expected it to be the same stale material that appears to have crafted that film. Gran Torino was a storm to brave through, I'll admit that. At first, I expected to loathe Eastwood's disheveled growl as much as the next guy who can't stand Bale's Batman voice. I was shocked to find it assimilate into the scenes perfectly and it didn't bother me no more. Even with the man being 78 years old, I still found myself intimidated by his hovering presence.

Walt eventually reaches a point in which his racism is articulated and hilarious. When Walt reached out to help Ching-Chang Chong from a group of "spooks", I felt as if Walt had become my own personal hero. Gran Torino to me, is a piece reflecting a bit of Clint Eastwood's life. While I'm sure he is a happy man, the affinity for a vehicular relic and olden time hostilities lay presence. Who knows? Maybe all those years killing people on screen disturbed Clint Eastwood in ways unknown by the average actor.

In the inevitable ending, Gran Torino was a success. My stomach aches now and I will cease to drone on about Gran Torino. Know that it shocked me and made me laugh. It's a rare treat to see such a weathered actor rise above expectations to create damn fine cinematic tragedies. Gran Torino is all what I wanted to derive from the experience. Clint's new film circles around the idea of Walt owning America cause he fought and killed for it, and damn if this film isn't American. A majestic look at the life of a rotten bigot; Gran Torino is a film that will stand aging. I will admit, I sure would have liked to seen Spike Lee's face when Clint called those uppity Negroes "spooks".



Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome, Clint Eastwood is the fucking man. Hollywood's last ounce of true quality, soon to be lost to oblivion. I'd like to see this in a theater though I'm sure that won't happen.

Keith said...

I really want to see this film. I'm a big fan of Eastwood. I grew up watching him. He's been one of my idols since I can remember. I really liked the trailer for this one. It's great to see that he can still kick some major ass.

Anonymous said...

What are you spooks up to?

Anonymous said...

How about this new rugby film with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman? How fitting, a feel good anti-apartheid flick with these two above-mentioned clowns.

It's my conspiracy theory that he received so much heat in Hollywood from certain circles for creating "Gran Torino". Yes, a movie in which an old school bigot doesn't fully 100% change his racist ways and shows inner city negroes and wiggers at their medium.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Clint Eastwoods rampaging heterosexuality is the stuff of legend and that fact alone makes him a truly great man but unfortunately in every other regard (his acting and film making skills etc) hes a load of old rubbish.