Dec 24, 2008


Don’t judge a film by its DVD artwork cover. Edmond is easily the most inventive and best film directed by Stuart Gordon since Re-Animator. I must say, however, that more credit probably goes to the writer of the film David Mamet. One cannot also forget that the casting for the film was quite appropriate. Mena Suvari as a whore and Julia Stiles as a stupid cunt make for great small roles. The character of Edmond is also played by the very annoying William H. Macy. He is the right man to play a character whose night only gets worse and worse as it progresses.

David Mamet thankfully forgot about political correctness when writing Edmond. The character of Edmond encounters a variety of slick talkin’ Negro swindlers, less than savory whores, and the anti-human atmosphere of the urban jungle. Edmond is fed up with his boring life and not so pleasing wife. Early in the film, Edmond leaves his wife for good and finds out that his life really can get worse. Edmond encounters a man that looks to be Sicilian-American in a bar and they agree that black men have it good because they have no responsibility. By the end of Edmond, the title character finds out what it truly means to have a “simple” life.

Julia Stiles hasn’t been getting very good roles since Save The Last Dance for obvious reasons . Her role in Edmond couldn't have been better and her final scene in the movie finally made a “man” of William H. Macy. Edmond proves that he can do more damage to a girl with his WW1 knife than he can with his own member. He has sort of an accident with the knife that will cost him his freedom and force him to share a room with a domineering Negro. Edmond proves that Charles Manson is NOT the only prison philosopher!

is the perfect film to watch during the night. The film transports the viewer to a place of degeneracy without bodily injury and loss of possessions. Seeing how someone like Edmond fairs in the more shady areas of the city offers an unpredictable journey that does not get boring upon re-watching of the film. For once, in a film featuring William H. Macy, I didn’t hope for his character to somehow spontaneously combust.

-Ty E

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