Dec 15, 2008

12 Monkeys

Or Twelve Monkeys, whichever you prefer. I missed this film for many years meaning that I didn't see this film till about a couple weeks ago. I'd put off reviewing it until the time being as to let the theories and ideas of Terry Gilliam soak up in my brain. I'd consider myself a fan of Terry Gilliam but I'm more a fan of the esteemed Bruce Willis who plays the lead man James Cole as he drifts through time to prevent an apocalyptic crisis.

To note, I'm not necessarily a fan of Brad Pitt. I admire some of his roles in films such as The Mexican, Kalifornia, Snatch, and of course Cool World. His performance as the viably insane antagonist chilled me to the nerves. Everything about his character rubbed me the wrong way - most notably his crazy eye. To say the least, Mr. Pitt outperformed every character in this movie. While Bruce Willis played the miserable role on key, it wasn't enough to topple to heavyweight champion of the film. Do pay attention to the synchronicity between Bruce Willis and Madeleine Stowe.

After watching 12 Monkeys, I can see that I've been missing out for some time. The ending of 12 Monkeys is titanically bleak and morose. I even pitied myself as the credits began to roll leaving a misty haze rotating around each individual thought. I viewed this film during my break at work so you can imagine most of my motor functions being rusted. I knew David Morse was a chilling man but I never expected to be so horrified by one of his characters. The punchline of the joke is that the characters aren't even the highlight of the film. In the story lies a tragedy of unforeseen proportions.

12 Monkeys is intriguingly similar to the avidly popular web game Pandemic 2. The idea of spreading a virus to each corner of the world isn't a very explored path of misery. Some of Gilliam's previous archetypes are indulged upon. The very similar future scientists are akin to many of Brazil's offered oddities. 12 Monkeys is a defined curio in the realm of many post-apocalyptic mainstream endeavors. I frequently beat myself up for not viewing this film sooner. I predict that had I seen this many years ago, I would have been beyond disturbed.

12 Monkeys tackles many identifiable flaws in the theory of time travel. For instance, diseases that might not have been tackled by immunity some years later. Even while Terry Gilliam creates many ideological theories about his course of time travel, the very figment of fourth-dimension traveling can be scientifically argued upon. 12 Monkeys isn't a film explaining the theories of time travel per say. The institutionalized may not always be the crazies you discover them to be. 12 Monkeys is a harrowing trip through time that still creeps along your spine to this day.



Unknown said...

Love the movie... great review

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I`ve always regarded this film as incredibly pretentious and almost completely unwatchable.