Nov 23, 2008


Bare with me here. Taken (2009) is an action/revenge film in such vain of neo-classics as Death Sentence, but this time it stars Liam Neeson who plays a fluidly flat character who still manages to be creative with the kills and action. The plot essentially follows the barren yet populated philosophy that women are stupid and get themselves in heaps of trouble. Such is the plot and motivator for Taken. Liam Neeson's daughter is kidnapped by dirty Albanians into trafficking. This film was taken from a September release to a January date. Such is the woes of Hollywood. Judging from the visceral and bodily damage, one could guess that the screenwriter is Luc Besson.

Such an exciting action film can only be directed by Pierre Morel, the director of politico-parkour film District B13. The same bloodless physical violence hits France yet again, this time with more nut shots and broken limbs than before. The dirty, filthy Albanian people have been cinematically mongrelized into greedy sexual dictators working in unison towards a better and more sexual France. Yet again, a film has exaggerated Eastern horrors worse than others (mainly for drug induced sexual extremes and female slavery), this time playing on the fact that Albania was known for its relentless violence during its prehistory.

Liam Neeson's role in the film can feel as if he is re-enacting one of the eccentric quirky characters from Steve Martin's Pink Panther, though I must admit I haven't been quite generous in giving the film the credit it deserves. His daughter, acted by Maggie Grace (of bitch Lost fame) accidentally (whoops!) winds up in an esteemed trafficking environment where she ends up getting doped on narcotics and sold to ethnic bankers. A true misogynist work of immeasurable genius. Taken makes sure you cannot find any other excuse but to blame the naive and slutty friend couplet that winds up in this situation from, surprise, being slutty.

Taken has not taken much space up on Soiled Sinema. The film is short, sweet, and infinitely piquant as a whole. It retains some emotional leverage against the misanthropist (especially misogynist) in you. The acting can be a sufferable sacrifice for Eastern European horror served at a high velocity. You like action? Liam Neeson breaks some miserable Frenchman's nose every 10 minutes. You ratio that up and it equals a film not as good as the revenge encore Death Sentence, but still pretty damn good. Now if only Dick Masterson played the inexorable ex-CIA lead.

Other women that fuck shit up.



Unknown said...

I have to check this out, I've always liked Liam Neeson (just not as a Jedi though, thanks to dick head George Lucas). Death Sentence was really good too. Good review, it sold me.

Keith said...

I want to check this out. I'm a big fan of Liam Neeson. He's usually good whether the movie sucks or not. I'm always looking for a movie with some action. I haven't seen Maggie Grace in anything since Lost and The Fog remake.