Nov 16, 2008

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a nice perverted Greek film that taps into what the average person might call taboo sexuality. Many men might feel as if they are in the right set of hands after being wounded if two beautiful woman watch over him. It also might be a fantasy of many men to be in the company of an incestuous mother/daughter duo that only has sex on the mind. But these two women also have murder on their mind which has become more interesting than any sexual domination game that they could ever play.

The so called emancipated woman can become a dangerous thing. A woman not dominated by a strongman is a wild storm of nothingness. Like the sex obsessed ladies of Singapore Sling, there is a void in their life that no novelty form of sexual/physical domination will ever fulfill. Only when the sharp phallic knife of a man enters that woman’s most intimate spot in a savage way does she feel content. Not only is she now at ease but she can die happy as does a certain lady in Singapore Sling.

Singapore Sling has a certain sleek film noir aesthetic that penetrates ones emotions immediately. Things are always rainy and gloomy in the film, even during moments of hopeful sexual enjoyment. The younger woman featured in Singapore Sling speaks poetically of her assumed dead father taking her virginity at a young age. The woman recites her past sexual activities as she rapes a wounded man that has just been found on her front doorstep. Her Mother is jealous of her daughters private moments as most mothers/women are. The man the women call “Singapore Sling” is trapped in a large house with two women that have yet to be tamed.

Lacking the proper man to fulfill their deranged sexual needs, the mother and daughter enjoy playing a little game of “secretary.” The mother forces the daughter to perform fellatio on her artificial member and the girl does so with glee. She can’t get enough of the feeling of being under the control of a pseudo-male. But these perverted psychological prostitutes never fulfill their womanly needs as no woman can take the place of a man. I dare someone to find a happy “emancipated” woman that isn’t a full-fledged and gender deranged lesbian.

Despite murdering a young lady, “Singapore Sling” has become the woman’s savior. The woman cannot be blamed for her desire to murder him as she is ultimately amoral. Her perversity has lead her to a life of hedonistic nihilism which has morphed into insanity. The young woman sexually pleasures herself with fruit in a furious manner but is incapable of producing her own fruits. She is a void of a woman and only death will release her from her living nightmare.

-Ty E


Unknown said...

As odd as it is, I really enjoyed this film. Some people have called it pretentious, I disagree, it's just one of those 'either you get it or you don't' kind of films.

Anonymous said...

One of a kind!!!
a true masterpiece.