Nov 11, 2008


Scarce is another attack on the rural backwoods area. To fit even snugger to the bored sub-genre, this "hillbilly" is a cannibalistic man with depravities galore. Scarce is a sucker punch aimed with the intent of stealing the thunder left from better, more successful films like Calvaire. Calvaire gave me chills from its barbaric displayed violence towards "faggots" and the Freaks moment of an unabashed barroom masquerade.

The constant scenes of the "evil honky" staring off with dagger eyes gets tedious and irritating. The somber progressive orchestral score kicks in and your eyes roll. Just as the film displays city folk as the weaker species, Scarce transcends into a level of stupidity much sooner than expected. I thought to myself "sure, this film is going to be bad" but the novelty of independent film making wears thin and this film has reached its peak. It's not until the evil countryman dons a metal mask with an accomplice that the film reaches any momentum.

Pointless flashbacks and annoying attempts at shock factor are not successful in any form. Scarce is a film depicting the death of college kids with spiky hair as well as the symbolic death of what was once juicy rural terror. Only several entries in this over-drawn genre were fresh - Calvaire, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Deliverance. Although I did enjoy 2001 Maniacs, that was strictly a comedy. What Fargo did with the snow pasted over with blood, Scarce attempts to recreate with a scene scored by what sounds to be the orchestral sounds of Diablo II.

When I ponder about the inconveniences of watching Scarce, the idea of them being labeled "snowboarders" without any indication comes to mind. The idea reminds me of that Devon Sawa film Extreme Ops, but with more gay and less snowboarding. The prime antagonist is a yellow-teethed "old fashioned" man who randomly fits the word "fuck" in his sentences which ruins any cognitive idea that these are simple people. Like Hostel, the idea is twisted into a "business" of sorts. Every accent in this film is horrible enough to make your teeth grind. I promise you wont have an endearing experience with this picture.

By the hour mark, I found myself wholly depressed at the thought of another grueling half an hour of insipid "frostbitten terror". The ending was already spoiled by the plot summary. When you say "the fate of three snowboarders", God knows that you are going to kill them off before you even have the chance to predict this awfully predictable film. The beginning pales in comparison to the ending, as the ending actually builds up and maintains savagery and sadism. The only ways you'd appreciate this film is being a cinema masochist or having a god-awful taste in horror.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

There was some pansy stuff in this film that almost spoilt it for me, if "ALL" repeat "ALL" the sexual activity depicted in the movie had been rampantly heterosexual and "ALL" repeat "ALL" the nudity shown had been female it would have been one of the best horror films i`ve ever seen, maybe they could remake it shot-for-shot but with an all female lesbian cast who are all naked all the time then it would be awesome.