Nov 30, 2008

My Name is Bruce

Bruce Campbell is loved by everyone except few. I am proud to be one of the few horror fans to despise his cameos and recycled cocky attitude, and yes, I accept hate mail. He's transversed many fields including acting in motion pictures, acting in syndicated television programs, to becoming an author making flashy quips about being in love with Richard Gere while throwing out cute jokes about being a "B actor". As much as Brucie would like to be a "B actor", his filmography and income is far too steep for such a trashy title.

Much like Kevin Smith films, My Name is Bruce opens with two counter-cultured teenagers discussing pop culture and cinema jests. Such horrible lines as "I loved Bubba Ho-Tep!" are scattered around the scripts. While the omniscient ideology of Bruce Campbell's career is fully appreciated, if I ever hear the phrase "Cave Aliens" again, I will crash my car into an elementary school. Bubba Ho-Tep was perhaps one of the worst projects in Campbell's career. Not for the acting or production values, but for how mind-numbingly boring the film was. It took me months to finish it.

Incredibly similar to Bubba Ho-Tep before it, a monster is unleashed in a shockingly similar style to that of Bubba Ho-Tep, except this Chinese god of war is explained in a country drab complete with guitars and southern yodeling. As the film progressed further, I found myself enjoying the film for what it was. Back when this film was but a mere rumor, I thought that Bruce Campbell would have found himself at arms with a deadite. I prefer the idea of the esteemed Mr. Campbell fighting the one thing that brought upon this fame. Lets face it. The only good things Bruce Campbell starred in are far from outweighing the horrible.

Bruce Campbell proves himself to be competent enough to capitalize off of his own image by making a parody of himself. Why not? As far as the reality would allow, this film is all complete bullshit. I had expected an accurate portrayal of Campbell's life shattered by the idea of a real evil, not some pseudo-biopic displaying Bruce lapping up vodka from a dog dish and courting transsexual singing prostitutes. The good news? I enjoyed My Name is Bruce thoroughly and it proved to be an enjoyable horror/comedy experience. The bad news? I still dislike Bruce Campbell's artificial persona.


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