Nov 15, 2008

Lucker the Necrophagous

Nekromantik has almost become synonymous to the act of necrophilia. One might not help but to allude back ravishing memories of a classic vile Super8 art piece. Necrophilia has always been a tough subject to visually instill within thoughts with ease. To this day, only Jörg Buttgereit and Nacho Cerda have been able to bring something to perhaps the most primal taboo out there. When Belgian director Johan Vandewoestijne attempted to create his own exploitation chronicling a serial killer and necrophilia, the result is inferior to Nekromantik (filmed a year later).

We follow the 2D exploits of a serial rapist newly awakened from a coma. Lucker, being a shallow being fit only for z-grade exploitation, begins randomly killing "sluts" and "whores" in order to satisfy his once dormant sexual rage. The picture culminates into a boring spectacle of a lumbering man with an uncanny resemblance to the horrid hair that Bill Murray flaunts. I didn't know what to expect from Lucker other than extreme over-the-top violence and extremely disgusting sexual situations. I was only awarded with one of these appetizing treats in a scene where he lets a prostitutes corpse "freshen" up so he may manhandle the decomposing stiff.

Lucker isn't an anti-hero, and he isn't really any sort of character. The script propels the shuffling man into a variety of murder scenes with little to no provocation. Lucker is a dying species of human. If life were to be lived without life, then life itself would be pointless, and that sums up the entire film with one simple word - pointless. It's a beautifully pitiful thing at times. Mr. Johan claims Lucker the Necrophagous to be a merciful creation of "anti-art". What he has created might be blissfully misogynistic and nihilistic, but drags in circles for a period of time not warranted for such dry material.

As much as Lucker the Necrophagous should be rewarding, it remains in existence and memory due to the rarity that the film once was notorious for. Not so much for the sexual brutality, but the OOP VHS version with hard-coded Dutch subtitles. I'd love to appreciate this film in a blinding light, or even settle to respecting the films justful creation, but I fear that Lucker the Necrophagous is nothing but a case to fill a gap in a perfectionist's DVD collection. Definitely one of the unworthy films to get a beautiful treatment for Synapse Films.


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