Nov 29, 2008


Evil (To Kako) is a rare breed of horror - Greek horror. Greece hasn't seen a decent horror film since Island of Death (To my knowledge). Evil takes the very overdone (and ignorant) story of a group of survivors trapped in a zombie apocalypse (Cue the mc chris fans). What allows this film to shine aloud, more so than the fluff, is the violence, incredible characters, and effective DIY camera work including skilled editing. Think of that horrible, horrible film Automaton Transfusion, except entertaining and ambitious.

The characters are obviously the blissful creation of a hivemind AKA Yorgos Noussias. With character progression being "the geographic gradation of expression of specific characters over the range of distribution of a race or species", it's easy to notice the careful steps taken to slide in humor, tragedy, and restlessness within each scenario as seen by a specific survivor. Lovable and enticing characters each with a horrific demise, if fate should see it that way.

I once saw this film in a fantastic media shop in Philadelphia christened Long in the Tooth. I was perusing through the volumes of obscure films and I found 3 titles of interest and they were Strange Circus, The Coffin Joe trilogy, and a zombie film called Evil. Two of these were from the divine Danger After Dark collection but I wasn't chancing a blind buy, after all, Sion Sono is a name I can trust. I don't regret not purchasing it then due to the extremities and polar shifts that Coffin Joe and Strange Circus performed on me, but I always adored the DVD illustration by a Mr. Michael Bukowski. Eye-popping, colorful, and savage.

What Yorgos Noussias has distilled upon the horror market isn't a vain attempt to "recreate" another mythos that doesn't need altering. The official job of zombie recreation lied in the hands of Lucio Fulci, who has been as much of a gentleman to lay down instant classics for our starving retinas. The "zombie infection" isn't at all anything zombie like. In the opening scene, An eerie outbreak occurs from a spirit (That heavily reminds me of Ghosts of Mars) that possesses those who unleashed it.

Evil carries the foreign torch for the sub-par zombie branch of horror. This isn't the greatest accomplishment but it is an accomplishment and that is more than I could ask for. It has also been revealed that a sequel is in the works starring none other than - Wait for it - Billy Zane. After seeing Zane's underrated film The Mad, it would be a fatal understatement to not exclaim my gratitude. Evil is merciless with a shock ending that raises questions concerning the directors work on a low budget piece. I'm currently listening to Work/Death and I must say that this droning static fits the ideas of this film incredibly well. Evil comes highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

Automaton transfusion was better then anything that you could ever go and make. Your little sad internet blogger of a person.

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"Your little sad internet blogger of a person"


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The young sub-literate individual that left a "sad little internet" comment is distressed he can't think of an intelligent rebuttal to your review.