Nov 15, 2008

Easy to Get

In Woody Allen's Love and Death, there is a scene with Russian rookies receiving a morality play about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. The United States Army takes many precautions to alert America's young troops about the dangers of foreign slutty women who moonlight as filthy succubus's who pose a huge threat to our soldiers whilst on their leave. In the presumed 40's, an anti-VD film was created by the Army entitled Easy to Get which encompasses an afro-centric view on the syphilitic victims.

We soon meet a young Negro. To better fit the film, I'll name him Tyrone. Tyrone's a swell soldier fighting for our country. While on leave, he meets a swell black female in an all black bar. He takes her home and becomes very close to her over the weak, culminating in them making sweet sweet love in a Cadillac or something. A white US doctor tells warns him of filthy Negro women and the dangers lurking behind every female mask. Easy to Get centers around the theory that Africans acquire the disease easier, therefore issuing them a vulnerability card. Even behind the most innocent face lurks a dastardly she-devil who just aims to ruin aspiring men's lives.

The novelty of Easy to Get is intimidating, good fun, and always present. This 22 minute short features a miniature lecture from a black Reverend warning "his kind" about the dangers of catching syphilis. Just to break the ice rather crudely, you are given surprise close-up shots of diseased and flaccid Negro penises. I don't know what's more revolting while being humorous - the twitching rotten libido's of the displayed "weaker race" or the cow fetus pseudo-Eraserhead looking babies whom the narrator said should have rather been put to death.

After Tyrone, we meet a new protagonist. I'll name this one Leroy Jones. He suffers a similar fate from a prostitute in a bar. This training video makes dutiful time to display women (all archetypes and social statuses) as venomous creatures to sap the soul of men by unleashing a plethora of bacteria inside their urethra. Once Easy to Get is over, you'll sit there and let it dawn on you that you just watched racial and sexist propaganda in the guise of a training video to promote healthy soldiers.

Easy to Get is a film that is "easy to get". It's more entertaining than you'd be led to believe. It's available on the special features of the Heavy Petting DVD. It's definitely worth a view for the fans of an ignorant America circa 40s. I haven't enjoyed a piece of propaganda in quite some time and needless to say, it's very refreshing. Easy to Get is crude, disgusting, free-formed, and filmed incredibly well. The general message conveyed here is "All Negroes gots AIDS".


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