Nov 7, 2008

Demonic Toys

By now, Everyone has seen The Dark Knight. As far as pop culture goes, it's a necessity to to view this. In fact, You'd owe it to your country according to pop-culture analysts and Hot Topic completists. Little did I realize that scribe David S. Goyer created the screenplay for Demonic Toys. That's quite a huge jump in the industry; Full Moon fare to Hollywood record-breaking material. It's only appropriate that I only now became cognizant of Peter Manoogian directing Eliminators, a film I plan on writing on soon.

Demonic Toys destroys the basic fundamental guidelines of killer doll films. It's too true that in a film concerning murderous inanimate objects, one needn't focus on plot or early developmental stages. Golden rule being to include frequent enemy interactions and unsavory language and carnage. Demonic Toys disobeys like a good rebel but the film slightly becomes a more cluttered film despite its desperate attempt to differ itself from the crowd with a thought out plot.

A pregnant cop gets caught in a satanic ritual to convert her unborn baby into a vessel of Satan's lovely child (As if anything else). This demon summons (or inhabits, it's never fully realized) a trio of iconic demonic toys to trim the already tiny potential body count trapped in a toy warehouse. Child's Play 2 featured a truly memorable scene in a toy factory.

The impromptu adnexa surgery that was so horrifically drilled into our youth's brains is a scene that marks most that grew within that early 90s horror rush which produced many instant classics. Demonic Toys, being a Full Moon film, borrows heavily from the most mainstream doll film and incorporates the entire setting from the most popular scene in Child's Play 2, albeit not as adventurous and rather dreary.

That character of Baby Oopsy-Daisy is portrayed as the hellish ringleader of the bunch but suffers from one-liner syndrome. The director/writer combo intended too much for this film to be an impassable force in "B horror" that they turned every line into a cheesy quip. This only halts down the given momentum thanks to the terrifying image of the evil incarnate Jack-N-The-Box. The bear however looks silly, that is until his transformation. I displease the satanic storyline as it makes every previous altercation an event in vain.

Demonic Toys is definitely one of the better Full Moon catalog titles. The context of killer toys can be placed within any title for instant success. I'm still unsure of what to expect from the final product of Black Devil Doll. The trailer only makes the film look cheap and terribly unfunny but only time will tell. Demonic Toys is a stoic satanist story with enough low budget "punk rock rebel" attitude to keep most things at bay, including your social life, so please do not quote any lines from this film for your own sake.



Keith said...

It's been ages since I've seen Demonic Toys. I always loved all those Full Moon movies.

Anonymous said...

Damn you're the only one to say the truth about Black Devil Doll. I like Blackest Heart Media (mainly for reading their descriptions and finding out about flicks) and Rotten Cotton (mainly for looking at their shirts and finding straight up ripoffs from real punk distros for 8 bucks as opposed to 20) but that movie looks like fucking garbage. The more shit I see the more motivated I am about making flicks myself, I think you guys should do some movies actually.