Nov 16, 2008

Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case

Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case is a sexploitation piece of "disturbing" Japanese filth slowly bathing in its notoriety. Based on a true case of what the title implies, the truth and case details most likely vary from the real incident. With a fragile tale as this teamed with a horrible actress who was hired cause she will take her clothes off, the result would be similar to watching Open Water but with underwater shark boxing scenes and jet ski chases.

From the director of the All Night Long series, Katsuya Matsumura has a stylized filmography of directorial efforts. In fact, all of them have to do with the subject of rape and sexual torture. It's no myth that the Japanese are the main staple in the line of extreme fetishism. With this film, you are given a slight factual depiction of the events that transpired but focused more on the eroticism than the sadism, but you of course already knew this as soon as you see the film was released under HOT Entertainment.

On January 4th 1989, Junko Furata was bludgeoned, beaten with an iron barbell, sodomized with an iron rod, forced to drink her own urine and fed cockroaches, had fireworks inserted into her anus, forced to masturbate, had her nipple cut, and ultimately died from immolation. She died soon thereafter from shock and had her body stuffed in an oil drum filled with cement, hence the stretched title explaining its plot seamlessly.

Rape is an authoritative fetish no matter which morals or virtues are present. In context, rape may seem perverse, disgusting, and inhuman but the fact of dominance and sexual prowess/power being a general turn on for humanity is conclusive. Just like making "whoopee" in public might make you feel like an outlaw, the same could be said for rape. Perhaps it's the adrenaline rather than the forced copulation. I don't condone said task but I will not deny the existent titillation of the act of rape (simulated or not).

Separated at birth?

The Japanese are known for practicing many fetishes before our western counterparts. For example, the inquisitive and arousing schoolgirl. One would think that a reformed collective of education-seeking peers could produce a cleverly deceptive female capable of intelligent thought or adhering character, but according to Matsumura, all females are made to star in a rape-exploitation film. A piece of stringy cattle; fuck meat, if you will.

Many fans of the exploitation genre have lost their way. Rather than appreciating the sleaze product for political tones, super stock, artful cinematography, or non-PC plot devices, it seems only to entertain with a reciprocating violence factor - the endless urge to kill, maim, and rape for brutality's sake. While I admit of having my own guilty pleasures, I found my way past this and such an occurrence has given me a critical eye of gore horror.

For an accurate and disturbing re-enactment of the events in form of a translated manga - download the RapidShare here. The manga works where the film does not. The comic creates a soul for the girl; one who enjoys games and school. Matsumura has created another generally displeasing depiction of cruelty, however lacking any of the atrocities or extreme situations presented in his classic All Night Long trilogy (Before 4 and R). At the epicentre of the film, what you are aware of is that Concrete Murder Case is just fluff surrounded with a tangible plot.



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Anonymous said...

Really is sad what happened to her. Great review. To think I wanted to pick this movie up.