Nov 10, 2008


Candyman is one of the most innovative and well made so called “slasher” films. Like Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street before it, Candyman was surprisingly able to reinvent the stagnant and tired slasher sub-genre. The film is based on the short story “The Forbidden” by erotic horror author Clive Barker. Barker is the greatest horror author since HP Lovecraft, so it is no surprise that Candyman has an originally horrifying story that can capture the attention of the most demanding of individuals that watch film solely to see a good story.

Tony Todd IS the Candyman. I cannot imagine another individual playing the Candyman nor demanding the attention that Todd’s aura of charisma permeates. Tony Todd is a brother with class and that is a true rarity. Nothing is more disgusting than a group of illiterate black gangstas except the fact that degenerate whites see them as their idols. If a self-loathing honky is going to find his role models in colored folks, at least they can idolize a black man that deserves respect like Tony Todd. Then again, Tony Todd preys on the “lesser” of his own people in Candyman.

Despite only being in the film for a handful of scenes, Tony Todd dominates Candyman with his performance. The Candyman, unlike most slasher killers, was an innocent during his life. The son of the slave, he surprisingly became an artist and great painter. His talents ultimately led to his demise when he impregnated a white woman who was one of his paintings subjects. The Candyman was a man that overcame the discrimination put against him only to be eventually killed.

The Candyman haunts an area full of the most pathetic and unsuccessful of his own people. Though his talents led to his destruction, he hates his own people because of their lack of self-determination and failure. The Candyman is a much more complex slasher killer than people want to give him credit for. The Candyman is the ghostly reminder of a group of people that never brought themselves up whether it be because of prejudice (everyone’s favorite excuse) or collective failure.

Another sequel to the Candyman series is scheduled for 2011. This will be interesting as the series it set-in New Orleans, the area devastated by hurricane Katrina. Was hurricane Katrina one of the fruits of the Candyman’s hatred towards his own people? I wouldn’t be surprised as the people of New Orleans haven’t been proactive about rebuilding their hometowns. It must be a conspiracy of whitey and The Candyman lurking in the shadows.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

Tony Todd is indeed Candyman. Will probably watch the 2011 sequel on some boring dvd night. I'll be happy to watch the original Candyman at any night and truly enjoy a great horror movie. Still to this day I haven't dared say candyman 5 times in a row. Creepy!

Keith said...

I can't imagine any other actor playing Tony Todd. He has this persona about him. He's got something about him that commands attention. He's also got a powerful voice. He really makes this character his own. I enjoy watching this film any chance I get.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

this film is ludicrously over-rated, the sequels are much better and ludicrously under-rated.