Oct 1, 2008

The White Darkness

The White Darkness is a documentary examining voodoo practiced by black Haitians. The documentary was directed by Richard Stanley who claims that he has some Haitian Indian blood due to one of his ancestors fucking an indigenous individual. The documentary also takes a brief look at the slavery of black Haitians and its unfortunate legacy. The black Haitians claim that they live in the past now. That sounds like a slave mentality to me.

Richard Stanley with a voodoo goddess

Apparently voodoo was put on the black Haitians by a rich European as a joke to another European. The black Haitians don’t consider voodoo a joke by any means. Brain scans have been done to prove that weird changes occur while Haitians are in a “voodoo trance.” I guess one man’s practical joke is another man’s entire meaning of life.

The Haitians also pride themselves in their denial of Christianity. Some whites want to believe that these voodoo fanatics are Catholics. One black Haitian laughs at the thought. Thankfully, some third world people haven’t fallen for the anti-human and false lies of so-called Christian altruism. Despite voodoo being a joke, these black Haitians practice voodoo in a respectable and serious manner.

Naive American Christian Military Men wasting their time as usual

Although proud of their escape from slavery, the black Haitians demand that the world provide them food and living resources. One man claims that the black Haitians will always live in the past, unlike the white man. That being said, it seems as if the former slaves are uninterested in true independence as they demand some sort of reparations. Sounds like something similar going on in the United States that seems to only get worse.

Mudman Represent!

The black Haitians also hate seeing whitey on their turf and would pull a gun on them for no reason. This irrational act results in a handful of black Haitian deaths. My recommendation is that the whites cut off the blacks and just let them be. Strength comes from hardship, not from accommodating weakness. The White Darkness is an unintentionally exploitive documentary guaranteed to entertain and enlighten the viewer on third world matters.

-Ty E

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Wasn't slavery a hardship?