Oct 4, 2008

Sweet Savage

Sweet Savage is a vast tale of the grand frontier...and Indian titties. This drama has been disguised as an XXX feature, or the other way around. I really couldn't tell what I was watching at various points of this racially charged porno film. I had picked it up with the premise of slimy whites raping an Indian only to have slimy Indians rape a white only to explode into a full-scale racial war. Sounds awesome, no?

I always feel awkward reviewing a pseudo-porn, but the truth is far from. Sweet Savage is just plain fucking ridiculous. There's nothing really to work with other than the XXX scenes. This film doesn't know whether it wants to be an ole' time rape-revenge flick or a standard missionary pornographic film. This clutters any sort of story this film has, but I must applaud its feverish attempt at forcing a story here. Most films of this caliber use a story as a mere side dish, whereas Sweet Savage embraces its roots and rolls with it.

The Indians are casted as dark skinned hippies and the Whites are casted as old rednecks who are in it to sodomize young Native American women. I can imagine there being a lot of tension on the set due to the profilic Western civilization disaster that was in the process of being filmed. With that said, there's really nothing much to see her. Just American trash in the purest sense. It isn't really worth a watch and the rape scenes (We all know thats why you want to watch this) are horribly acted.


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