Oct 14, 2008

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Homoerotic Revenge

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
is possibly the greatest work of homoerotic horror cinema. The second time around in the Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy really has his claws on one boy. The boy, Jesse, has angst and problems growing up as a teenager. He is awkward with his girlfriend that practically throws herself at him and likes to get extra close to his male friend Grady. Freddy Krueger wants Jesse to find him victims which include a few ambiguously gay men.

Freddy's Revenge opens with Jesse on a school bus with a group of young girls. The young girls look at Jesse and laugh. Jesse merely sits and looks awkwardly. There is something not quite right about Jesse and Freddy Krueger takes advantage of this. Jesse is the new kid in town and has a hard time finding close friends. During a baseball game, he makes friends with a guy named Grady. This happens after Grady pulls down Jesse's pants, exposing his ass and a jock strap. The school Gym teacher tells the boys to "assume the position" there afterward.

Schneider is a somewhat odd gym coach. With a German surname and an Aryan profile, Coach Schneider would have made a great Nazi SA stormtrooper. Like the stormtroopers, Schneider can be found after school at a militant gay bar. One night Jesse happens to wander into the gay bar and is approached by Schneider. As can be expected, Schneider brings Jesse back to school for a few late night laps and finally tells him to "hit the showers." Freddy Krueger must have been jealous of Schneider as he kills him in the showers just after whipping his naked bare ass. There is more blood in this scene than at a mass prison gang rape. I always thought Freddy Krueger was a bit kinky.

Freddy Krueger also becomes jealous of Jesse's friend Grady. After failing to score with his girlfriend, Jesse runs to Grady's house. Grady tells Jesse that a "female is waiting for him" and asks him sarcastically "And you wanna sleep with me?" Unsurprisingly, Jesse fears for his friend’s life and shows his deep concern. Sadly, Freddy decides Grady needs to go since he is getting in the way of their relationship.

Phallocentricism is also prevalent throughout the film, and Jesse is also in the middle of it. In a science lab, Jesse is scared by a gigantic snake wrapped around his neck. I was also disturbed to see Jesse dancing with a phallic object over his crotch while pushing drawers in with his butt. When he says "how do you like that Dad?" while prancing around gaily, I thought that was one of the finest moments in horror cinema. Also while making out with his girlfriend, penises seem to keep getting in the way when his tongue essentially turns into one.

Gay rights groups might be offended by Freddy's Revenge. After all, when Jesse fought Freddy it was as if he were fighting his gayness. Only through the power of love for his girlfriend could Jesse beat Freddy. Jesse's girlfriend tells Jesse, "you created him, you can destroy him." The message of the film being, if you fight your gayness, you can overcome it. I wonder if Freddy would look good in a pink striped sweater.

-Ty E


Keith said...

I guess this was Freddy's gay phase. I haven't seen this one in ages. I do remember all my buddies thought this one had some gay stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

From what I have read in numerous other reviews and interviews is that actor Mark Patton (Jesse) is gay. So I suppose your review is quite accurate.

Actually, the movie is quite a weak entry into the series but not a horribly bad film. The special effects were pretty good but your review is dead on for the most part.