Oct 13, 2008

Next Door

Next Door is the immaculate conception of the new-age thriller; A messiah in blood-stained garb. Next Door is one of the most uncomfortable cinematic experiences I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through recently. Taking nods from Roman Polanski and other masters of creepy perversion, Pål Sletaune's first film of its kind strikes gold and weak hearts for unraveling an abrasive erotic thriller that unloads on you like a buck shot.

I look down upon the terms "sexual" and "thriller" being directed towards a single target. Most of these self-proclaimed sexy thrillers bore me with their virgin-esque sluts parading around the screen awkwardly attempting to play a cock tease. With so much bland material out there that doesn't challenge hormones, It seems the genre never had a start until Basic Instinct (Which I didn't find "sexy"). Finally, a film has arrived that has challenged all preconceived notions and morals that have filled my head since growth. This is the film that will arouse you for all the wrong reasons.

John is the man you were when your girlfriend of ages left you. Alone and afraid of the world, he works and spends the rest of his time confined in his prison-like flat pining over his lost girlfriend. His surroundings call him a consumer whore from afar which is a theme devoid of closure. Sparking from his lost romance, he finds himself lured into a very scary and intimate world with his two stunningly beautiful next door neighbors. Only with the recent acquaintances is he allowed to leave the mindset of a man mentally incarcerated to his apartment.

Next Door is a film that relies heavily on its awaited conclusion so much that what I say must be cryptic and esoteric for your own pertinent means. Much of what is built is thanks to the brooding aura and stunning female casting choices. While John is the complete opposite with the face only a mother could love, the two lead female tenants are gorgeous and sexy in their own Nordic way. If films like this are given passage into US distribution soil thanks to Danger After Dark, then fight the good fight! Next Door is a stunning invasion into the seedy yet surreal world of masochism; emotional and physical.



Fox said...

I just added this to the top of my queue. We may end up disagreeing on this one, but I'm anxious to see it.

As you described, I like the premise of a recently rejected man being lured into that shallow fantasy many of us have had of two sexy, lesbionic neighbors coming over to ease our pain.

I'll make my way back to this post after I see it...

Soiled Sinema said...

I can't see how you'd be disappointed by this film. Read nothing on it and get back to me. A blossom in disguise. Goddamn. Love sucks.

Keith said...

I'm definitely adding this to my queue. It sounds pretty cool.

Soiled Sinema said...

Everyone should add this to their queue.