Oct 19, 2008


Minotauromaquia is a clay stop-motion animated short film directed by writer/director Juan Pablo Etcheverry. This isn't as brilliant as say Švankmajer's work or the Brothers Quay, but still manages to be a bold piece of animation layering the psyche of an artist. As expected, there might be several analytical pieces on the film utilizing symbolism in the form of our given Dove. Being as he created inner peace using art as his elucidation, he was able to complete a perilous task. Over seven hundred sketches concludes a serious piece.

In light of the eve of Halloween fast approaching, I'm experiencing a magnetic force towards monsters so it may not come as a surprise as I fancy the stern minotaur stalking the maze of a canvas for his victim. The hallways are a swift stroke from Picasso's brush as he paints Les Demoiselles D'avignon. Creative inspirations and motivations are visualized by this award-winning director. His influences lie in dissecting what goes on in the psychodrome of such lauded "artistic" minds. What is created is the spawn of a world famous painting and the Myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur.

Abstract creatures are given a three dimensional depth and provide a truly breathtaking after drop. To break such silence would be a sin. For a 9 minute short film, Etcheverry has successfully captured the closest relic of Picasso's work on film and managed to think up a innovative way to express an artists expression. Just like the original painting was deemed a "rapid stylistic metamorphosis", this too can attribute for the one and the same praise. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking. A wonderful experience for those who can must a somber extended chase.


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