Oct 30, 2008

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

Leprechaun: Back 2
tha Hood is the fifth sequel to the original cult classic that first featured Jennifer Aniston in a leading role. To reprise the terror he already inflicted on the ghetto's of America, the leprechaun goes "back 2 da hood" aimed with the sole challenge of inwardly killing more of the lower class black society. For an urban horror film, this one doesn't hit the spot as opposed to its direct predecessor with such stars as Ice T and Coolio, which in turn makes it a true to life urban horror film and not one that just exploits black unknowns they may have picked up off "tha street".

Despite turning the Leprechaun into a mere shadow of the running gag that he was, the film maintains its own eccentric humor throughout the running time and manages to provide ample entertainment for such a disgusting film. Whether the Leprechaun is hitting on them bootylicious black babes or smoking some of that fine ganja, his adventure will always be wanted time and time again, In fact - I couldn't seem to grow weary of these miscellaneous sequels. It's very profitable towards the film industry machine to create these sequels that surprisingly have a remnant of a replay value.

Warwick Davis returns in his titular role of a smaller stature aimed with protecting "his preciouses". Throughout this film, you will be host to a cruel experiment designed with degrading blacks worse than any previous installment of cinema might have (I still haven't watched Hood Angelz). In Back 2 Tha Hood, even the protagonists are whiny little shits that don't care about education, economy (In a falsified scene, they pretend, but as quick as that subplot was there, it's gone), or the benefit of mankind. If the white race ever intended to create a propaganda video glorifying the master race, this would surely work its charm, and that's all the film really has.

The film has worked its Irish magic well as it has turned the black society into the laughing stock of the internet. In Mobile, Alabama in 2006, many "urban thugz" claimed to have seen a Leprechaun in a tree alerting news vehicles to find a circus of sorts. The only problem is that if you gaze in the Leprechaun's direction, it vanishes. What a double negative. After this video hit the video sharing sites, it exploded into one of the more popular meme's around, creating shirts, buttons, and many Cafepress stores where you can get the iconic idiot's face plastered on any daily product.

And I quote an iMDB forum post.

"wtf the reason they end up bad is because a caucasian production team takes over and cn't actually capture the OUR culture how it shud be !!! so dn't get it twisted! and all the slang is just a stereotype on all US carribean/african heritage's"

Sure, the easy way out of the hole they dug was to market Leprechaun 6 as a "black comedy". While I'll give it the benefit of a doubt, there are surprisingly several funny scenes. The problem is that I can count them on my fingers. Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood is another cash cow for the DTV industry. It was cleverly marketed towards people who cannot define an exquisite taste of horror films or cinema in general. Some brainless horror fan might try to spark a debate by screaming how this film is "so bad it's good" but my best advice is to coldly ignore said person/s. This is nothing but a degenerative piece on black culture. Or lack there of, seeing as how director Steven Ayromlooi thinks so little of them.


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Stokes said...

I can't tell if those people on the broadcast were real or not. That was so ridiculous.