Oct 27, 2008

Leprechaun 3

Warwick Davis returns to wreak more havoc in the first direct-to-video sequel of the Leprechaun anthology. This time, he adopts a Dolemite (R.I.P.) form of Irish lingo as he makes a rhyme out of nearly every sentence - most concerning murder and Irish quirks. Leprechaun 3 was the most popular rental film of 1995 and with a decent enough reason to be. It's slightly disappointing that this film wasn't shot in 3D as originally intended though. I would have loved seeing a dwarf in horrific makeup jump out of the screen.

A far cry from the original formula, this film is among the first transcendence into kooky territory. Things get completely spacey and racy when the Leprechaun heads into space then into the hood... twice. So far out of memory, this is the most enjoyable sequel I've seen. I need to re-watch a couple of the other films, but this one captures a Teen Wolf motif as Scott slowly turns into a potato eating Leprechaun. Warning: Exposure to Leprechaun bites may lead to nonsensical Irish rhymes, sideburns, a potato fetish, and many other Irish stereotypes to be exploited. Proceed with caution.

Once you've seen one comical direct-to-video slasher discharge, you've more or less seen them all. One thing going towards Leprechaun 3 on terms of originality is the pseudo-seductive television woman who transforms into a Giger creation with a hint of Funny Man to fry his circuits. All of the kills are incredibly loony. Eyes pulled out of a sleazy Italian magician's face, death by chainsaw, and strangling a pawn shop broker with a phone cord after a impressionable 15 minute scene toying with his imminent execution.

Leprechaun 3 is a pretty light-hearted horror film with some of those post-80s classic gore effects - mainly the toe biting scene. That was insistently graphic for its time. A film that exploits the sin-haven's that are casino's would be Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies. The floors for gambling become a flesh farm as the evil Djinn harvests hundreds of souls. Too bad the Leprechaun didn't take advantage of the real Sin City. Instead of imagining a potential body count, he'd rather impersonate Elvis.

All in all, Leprechaun 3 is a quirky direct-to-video sequel that is for a fun viewing. It really shows off the DTV capabilities of the 90s compared to the now. It's like modern horror directors aren't trying. If you expect horrible puns and aimless killing as people exploit the power of the Leprechaun's magical coin, you're in for a treat. If you are, however, looking for an intelligent slasher film based around an old Irish legend, you're in for a huge let-down.


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I didn't even know this one existed! Thanks for the review!