Oct 23, 2008

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

Jack Frost is an incredibly cheesy and ridiculous horror film concerning the ensuing massacre created by mutant snowman killer aptly named Jack Frost. The first film acted as a horribly flawed horror film but none-the-less provided an hour and a half of entertainment thanks to a wise-cracking snowman that predated the exploits of the Gingerdead Man by five years. I'd pick Gary Busey over Scott MacDonald any day.

I've heard through the grapevine that this film was awful but I mysteriously found myself loving it. As a sequel to the already insane Jack Frost, It ups the kill count, evolves the humor, and adds some really cute elements of baby killer snowmen. If anything, Jack Frost II is the perfect sequel. Much as Gingerdead Man 2 was infinitely better than it's predecessor.

Jack Frost II features illustrious killing methods such as an ice anvil, tiny snowmen - same idea in Tremors II: Aftershocks, and relentless one-liners and incredibly funny cinematography. The characters are intensely memorable, namely Captain Fun!, who steals the show as the Ritalin-infused vacation counselor of sorts. Jack Frost needed to skimp on the implied violence and stick to the humor aspect more seeing as how ridiculous the film is. Jack Frost II makes up for the originals shortcomings and strengthens the film evenly.

Sure, It's a horrible horror film and a better comedy, but that's no reason to not watch this film. If I were to watch this film as a child, I might have hated it. But watching it with my present mindset, I find this outing in frozen terror to be more of a frozen treat. The deaths are radical and the plot is loony, and I couldn't have found more fun in this film had it been a film sticking to the original formula of trying to scare and humor simultaneously. Jack Frost II is just what the holidays ordered - corny humor and those great practical effects we all love. It's only brutal irony that actor Christopher Allport died in January 08 of an avalanche. It seems that Jack Frost finally got the best of him.


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Keith said...

I saw this movie years ago. It was pretty bad, but I had a good time. It made me laugh.