Oct 13, 2008

Hungry Devil Spirit

This Japanese shocker follows the technical formula of many 70s and 80s Chinese horror films. High in color contrast and low on lighting, Hungry Devil Spirit aka Gakidama is simply a stunning 55 minute horror film. It's a shame that Masayoshi Sukita had such a short life span in directing seeing as how his film Hungry Devil Spirit remains an unknown creative force in miniature terrors.

After a ghost-hunting duo photograph a will-o-wisp looking entity on a mountain, one of the two is struck ill with possession from the traveling spirit. An enormous appetite erupts from his senses which drives his wife into a state of panic as he snores comatose pregnant with a demon (unbeknownst to her). After it "hatches" and explodes his chin in the process, a mysterious man enters and captures the demon only to fall victim to its tricks and allows it to escape. From here, many side plots are fleshed out not limited to a bizarre cult of Gakidama consumers who've become addicted to eating the "Tastiest Flesh".

The story has many notable quirks to it creating a dense and foggy atmosphere. The films protagonist is feminized as he is impregnated with the embryo of a ghoul. His wife who is unable to birth a child, takes this as a godsend for their non-existent family. The nuclear family is pissed on as their child is a hungry demon who ravages the human body in an attempt to feast. This is a wonderful examination on the family without a uterus.

The Gakidama itself is a fleshy abomination that is about 12 inches tall. Its attacking pattern is very similar to that of the Totem from Puppet Master 4 & 5. Its vocal chords rasp out a stark gurgling sound that is incredibly terrifying and disgusting. These assets make for a silly looking albeit horrifying creature that now lies in the deepest recesses of my fears. Chest-burster's are one thing, but a creature being born from my throat is a completely different story.

Hungry Devil Spirit is a marvel of a short film. While it can be a tedious chore, the special effects and the cunning plot devices are enough to push this film past moderate territory into the limelight of supernatural creature horror that was famously churned out by the Chinese. If you enjoyed Centipede Horror, Gakidama comes highly recommended for all fans of horror, obsession, and the mystique.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds freaking awesome. Being a person that loves this sort of thing I will have to check into this title. Any movie that features a creature that bursts from ones chin has to be a must see.

Soiled Sinema said...

The mysterious man's face scarring predates Heath Ledger's Joker. It's very curious.