Oct 1, 2008

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Most horror films stream parallel to one existing subclass genre. In question, Psychological horror (which engages the mind in non-casual thinking) and gruesome horror (which shocks and offends with violent body imagery chronicling death and other similar facets). Clive Barker is renowned for challenging that staple within his Hellraiser films, being the first two.

Hellraiser II is a nightmarish fairy tale crafted explicitly for adult fans of the macabre. For a Barker tale more suited for children or people prone to take offense, I suggest the Candyman saga. Filled with religious symbolism and themes that echo intense evil that knows no boundaries, Hellraiser still manages to be a hair raising experience even as the years fly by.

The leitmotif present in the first two tales monitors a strict sado-masochist rule. For any person housing a perverse fetish in secret, you'd be surprised how much of this film can be psycho-sexually appealing. One could derive satisfaction from these grisly acts of torture and conforming the sexual undertones from some of these memorable scenes.

It's not uncommon to question the ending circumstance delineated in a previous episode. That mysterious outcome that leaves you stuck on a cliffhanger or questions pertaining to a justice side of horror. Surely the authorities would refuse to swallow the tall tale of a demonic massacre and soul harvesting. That's beyond most religions which sadly determines the lengths of one's beliefs. Poor Kirsty never had a chance for judicial redemption and this is how this story depicting a bout of grue begins.

The Cenobites are without a doubt the showcase of the films. The stories lie as a vehicle to propel these horrifying fiends at our retinas. Cliver Barker and Tony Randel worked together to create premium special effects. The dedication of horror fans bleeds through as goopy messes and graphic body horrors are stomach-churning and very vulgar. It's odd how films made in the 80's such as Hellraiser manage to disgust more than any new-age horror film that claims to push the edge.

Hellraiser II may be one of the greatest sequels of all time. One might argue Aliens in term of my favor, but that withheld nothing from the pristine original other than names and faces. They butchered the atmosphere that was constructed for explosions and gunshots. Hellbound: Hellraiser II is the average Joe's nightmare and the sado-masochist's wet dream.



Anonymous said...

You must be psychic because I rewatched Part 2 about 3 nights ago. And then I caught Part 3 on television. Its astounding how the series nosedived right into forgettable post-slasher territory so fast. But 2 is a beautiful horror film and "that scene where the Doctor..." is so brutal. His powers were a bit goofy though. And the Chatterer is really a (I won't spoil it)?! Classic film.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I totally agree with you about HELLBOUND. I've only seen the first 4 HELLRAISER flicks and Part 2 is undoubtedly my favorite out of all of them. The pacing is better compared to the original. The story is more interesting. The characters are more intriguing. I just love this film from beginning to end. The first two are the only good HELLRAISERS in my opinion. It's sad how this franchise managed to end up after this one. Great review for a great film.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Whats your pleasure ?

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