Oct 8, 2008

Great White

But I'd rather call this film The Last Shark. Be as it may, Cover art for the tentatively titled The Last Shark is a rare image to capture. I had once acquired its gracious presence but it is forever lost to the insatiable and slutty appetite of my external hard drive. You say rip-off, I say classic. With these words forms the most concrete and audacious form of plagiarism barely on the cusp of being a worldwide horror hit.

Great White opens with the clever formula of a town on the ocean being terrorized by a record size Great White. This Great White also happens to be retarded as it strays from all natural instinct and chooses to attack some insignificant beach outlet. Deaths pile up and obnoxiously hairy people get aggravated. Such with my knowledge of Vic Morrow, I witness him mercilessly hunt the shark, but WAIT! He's actually a doppelganger and Vic Morrow is the character who I'd last expect him to play; the Scottish "Quint".

These brilliant tidbits of fanboy fanaticism create a debacle of daring handiwork. To mock the occasionally roaring shark in Jaws, This shark roars brazenly whenever it makes its repeated "head-slightly-above-water" appearance. Little quirks like these make for an absolutely fucking hilarious film experience. Scenes of exaggerated violence flow freely and without a camera shy director, this film is propelled to an instant cult hit.

Victims in this film enter a new realm of embarrassment as they complete absolutely ridiculous survival tactics as shifting weights and jumping in the water. The shark is a magnet and the actors or characters in a Shinya Tsukamoto film, or at least that's the way it's filmed. There is no mercy for any characters. Even the mayor is devoured within an hour in a Deep Blue Sea moment that is perfectly preserved on film.

Enzo G. Castellari has created many hits among horror/cult fans but is sometimes left behind in his own dust cloud. With The Last Shark, he strikes underwater gold. Despite Spielberg using a portion of his Jew gold to ban the film on the spot despite letting Bruno Mattei's Cruel Jaws off the hook (No pun intended). It appears that Mr. Steven is jealous of the infamous Nazi sensationalist hit Inglorious Bastards and decided to retaliate on the film maker. God only knows that Spielberg is the only director allowed to create the false serenity concerning "the Holocaust".

Despite the controversy blowing this film up to be some scam, Great White manages to provide its own buoyancy throughout film history. It's a copycat film taking the steam of a film that consists of a serious plot, then adds some comedic elements (Unprecedented or not) and creates a slapstick spin-off of horror that equates into a epidemic of fun. This film does drag a bit from the start but picks up natural speed from the waves of violence. You can watch the full film here.


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