Oct 5, 2008

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds

Feast was an admirable horror attempt. It thrilled audiences and was a remarkable horror satire armed with quick character title cards that made the film seem like more of a game than anything. In what I imagined to be a theatrical release due to the wildly popular original film, Feast II was released DTV which halters any real imagination this film could have had. Instead of having a crisp take on the continuance of these creatures, what we get is sheltered and dull.

Feast II isn't the film that fans have been craving. This disappointed me the most. I could handle the fact that the plot revolves around a lesbian butch biker gang from hell that seeks to avenge a fallen comrade that was explicitly betrayed in the first film, but the fact that this film goes all out and pulls no effort in attempting to make this film differ from the first is beyond any amount of disappointment I could guarantee.

The films highlights are one and few. A very politically incorrect scene of a baby getting eaten is present, but the sheer fact that they use this a lure for humor is what shows me the size of this filmmakers balls. Many characters from the original film return if only for a brief second. This causes the film to lose coherency as a character is reintroduced to have a title card flashed, brief music, and his death that should have been notarized in the previous film.

Feast II also features something abysmal on its on level; an ending which offers no compromise. You never make a film that ends itself on a high note, then make a sequel to that only to cut it off with entirely too many questions unanswered. Another sequel won't be worth it if it's spent on flashbacks and its trademark title cards. For leverage towards its fan base, the lovely female Feast II co-stars lose their clothes for an "experiment" which leaves lovely ladies armed with weapons in the nude. One of the few high points of this film.

Feast II is indeed a piece of sloppy second film making. When Feast II isn't trying to go over top of being over the top, It can form an entertaining horror experience but the fact that they thought it was clever to put every form of oddity and taboo into an average running time film just states something about how little of an attention span these film makers of new-wave horror have. Feast II isn't anything near what I wanted it to be. For shame.



Bobby said...

Since I loved the original I was looking forward to checking this one out, but your review has convinced me to approach with caution. Shame though because the plot synopsis makes it sound like a class-A guilty pleasure. Great work.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I own the first one and haven't seen it yet [shame on me], but I will before watching this one. Sounds like a cool B-flick. But I guess it's more miss than hit. How disappointing. Great write up.

GIMETZCO! said...

the movie is brilliant in its PIness...penis hah, political incorrectness...ok...so it's got some problems...it is a 2 parter with 3 being the 2nd part. it has character reprisals, but really this is one BIG movie chopped into 2. feast 2 and 3 were shot at the same time and that is one of the flaws. another flaw is the Green screen FX which given som salt we can all get over it and enjoy the baby being tossed. thi smovie is crazy nutsoid. and it's mostly set in daylight which was a nice change. don't write it off...rent it. whatever. i am a feast fan (but the first is best so far).

Soiled Sinema said...

I liked the political incorrectness with the film, and I enjoyed the baby massacre scene and I do wholly agree with what you mentioned about parts 2 & 3, but after reading how the Biker Queen takes Hobo underground, That there killed most of my desire to finish the trilogy. I expect a C.H.U.D. like ending with humanoids living under the soil or some backwater anti-western development of the creatures. Truthfully, Feast 2 & 3 is probably going to be the same mistake that was Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

Should have stuck to the first one.