Oct 4, 2008

Elevator Movie

Upon inspection of this film, its impossible to not appreciate the aesthetics at hand. A simple story showcasing two humans trapped in a closed off space. After months of being caught in the elevator, they have many burdening questions that burn at their ego's. Why does the grocery bag never empty and better yet, why is Jim such a fucking creep? This doesn't make matters worse until lovely Lana begins mutating into a being of metal.

Any cinema warrior could place a translucent link to La Cabina and Tetsuo: The Iron Man but production values quickly get in the way and remind you that a budget can be your worst enemy. Shot in 16mm, I'm sure that Zeb Haradon realized his choice and what limitations it would bring to his piece of film. In reality, he should have chosen the forgotten 8mm and hired a seasoned actor to take his role a Jim. The only real respect that the film allowed me to charitably give was the vaginal mutation.

Zeb Haradon has proved to have some talent directing but his acting is another story. I don't think a film has ever given me a nurtured headache before Elevator Movie. His attempts at providing fodder for the cultured Lana to chew were all in vain. I hated both the characters solemnly and Jim flat out ruined the film for me. The awaited metamorphosis scene slowly turned into dread as I noticed Lana had aluminum foil feet. To say Tetsuo: The Iron Man inspired this is blasphemy. Elevator Movie seems more inspired by the likes of Home Improvement.

Metaphors and symbolism are void in this film designed for surrealist pupils of the lamented kind. Elevator Movie never takes off enough for us to fully appreciate it. When I wasn't staring at the elevator backdrop waiting for it to crumble, my time was spent twiddling my thumbs waiting for this bleak monotone would be-bizzaro drama to end. The hardest part to swallow about Elevator Movie is not the fact that these characters have spent a gracious amount of time trapped, but the fact that you too are trapped in an increasingly boring nightmare as well.


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