Oct 4, 2008

Eagle Eye


I recall the trailers for Eagle Eye. Shrouded in mystery, all I knew or thought was that its roots were based in cyber-terrorism as demonstrated ever so generically in Live Free or Die Hard. When it finally came time to view the film, I only really wanted to spoiler information. I had no interest in seeing a Shia Labeouf led action film. I had been tricked into watching him swing like Tarzan once. Never again.

When it came time for me to view this film, I found the experience inevitable. I was slowly sucked into the world of Jerry Shaw. This wasn't a new path for me. I had recently found myself taking part of a viral "game" for Eagle Eye. I hit gold as the mysterious female voice called me at 3 am to get me to stop a frizzy haired interracial musician from escaping, thus saving his life. His airbags deployed and I watched his car crash. It was an effective experience. It was too tempting to put my random friends digits into the database so they too could be tortured.

The musician reminded me of Eagle-Eye Cherry. Coincidence? I think not.

Eagle Eye isn't the political espionage film you were probably expecting. 3/4ths of the way in, It halts and malforms into a vague science-fiction thriller. Eagle Eye is more exciting than Terminator 3 ever aspired to be. It also fails beautifully at being an apocalyptic tale, but I still have some respect for it. It might be the most visually entertaining movie in theaters at this point and that is something to acknowledge.

Much of the excitement of Eagle Eye lies within the given scenarios, chase missions, and the implied violence. PG-13 for Intense Scenes of Action and Violence. Violence is the right word. So many police officers died horrible deaths in this film due to a negligent computer system. Many hypocrisies can be found in the tattered philosophy of this film, but then again, Eagle Eye only exists to caters to Shia teenyboppers and fans of grisly car accidents.

Eagle Eye features hundreds of deaths involving innocent civilians and government workers. Some of these deaths defy all pivotal points of the cognitive imagination. This "cyber-terrorsit" houses some extreme dissent for all humanity. Eagle Eye could have easily worked NWA's Fuck the Police on the soundtrack but the R rating is something DJ "Disturbia" Caruso fears. Not all directors can be stuck-up budget bastards.

All in all, I got a mixed bag. I got wonderful action settings and great acting; Phenomenal acting even. The story had enough potholes in it to bring a stop to an extremely large truck, but I found my self content for 2 hours. Many aspects could have been worked on, but I'd rather look at this film as the bastard child of Terminator and 2001: A Space Odyssey than the original film it planned on being.


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