Oct 30, 2008

Danielle Harris: A Tale of Two Michael's

In the fall of 1988, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers was released to an anticipating public. With the star being of young Jewish talent, Danielle Harris put up an admirable role as the little girl who wouldn't stop screaming. Logically, she had every right to but the kicker was that she was very good at acting in hysterics. After this role, she would reprise the Jamie Lloyd character in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers then found a more generous market in such films as Free Willy, Urban Legend, and my personal favorite - The Last Boy Scout.

Starting in the 90s, Danielle Harris began receiving out-of-the-ordinary fan mail. A stalker had been admiring her from afar in her home in Houston. Can't blame a simple man for wanting someone who's beautiful, successful, and earnest (Or so it seems). To play a character for a role, she cut her hair shorter. In retaliation, the hardened creeper sent spiteful comments separating "old" Danielle with the "new" Danielle, calling her newly used alter-ego a slut. From here on out, the letters got increasingly more savage and morbid with fantastical tales of cutting her delicate body into pieces.

The irony lies solely on the eerie occurrence of her first starring roles being that of a stalker victim. Perhaps this crazed fan idolized Michael Myers more than Danielle Harris? The truth may never be known. The entire incident had been kept under tight wraps. Names, dates, and other gossip necessities are unavailable. In the final incident of violence, the man showed up at her house with a Teddy Bear and a shotgun. Danielle's mom feared for her life as she received a threatening call in the night. Police arrived and promptly arrested the man. Many restraining orders later, she continued to receive fan letters from the stranger begging for forgiveness.

Things seemed good for Danielle Harris after the foul-mouthed efforts of her crazed fan. She appeared on the Dr. Phil show relaying her experiences for a laughable stalker crowd (Highlight is the black woman expressing her love for Jay Z). In the epilogue of this sentimental talk, she basically summarizes the plot of Jennifer Lopez's Enough, in which Lopez embraces her femininity and is trained by a karate master to kick her husband's ass. The move of this perhaps may have strengthened already feeble Oprah fans but only proved to be mildly laughable.

As for the possibility that the stalker could have been mesmerized with Michael Myers, it is very plausible. Take his core in retrospect. He's a menacing yet respectable character of terror. This allows him to have power over any mere mortal. As seen in Halloween 5, he experiences a kiss of love meant for someone else. Such emotional foreplay is his only apparent weakness. Michael Myers is a cold soulless killer whose only weakness is the never-ending psychic link with his relatives. Perhaps pursuing her in a stern and serious manner was his only real chance at being with her. Love does crazy things, eh? I find it fascinating that some hold stalking as the highest form of flattery. A logic that is neither deceptive nor misleading.

In 2007, Rob Zombie began produced and directing his own "spin" on Carpenter's classic Halloween tale of horror simply called Halloween. His idea to revamp the film took what made it a "Halloween" film and redesigned it with more action and more swearing, which isn't a good thing. To appeal to harsh cynical Myers fans, he placed Danielle Harris in the film as a teenager (Whom is actually 30 years old and has never looked better). The equivalent of this role boils down to Harris cock-teasing the screen with her small-town hipster look then running out of a house screaming baring her breasts. When watching Halloween 4 & 5 back-to-back with Halloween (2007), the expeditious jump from childhood innocence to middle-age sex symbol is brazenly apparent mixed with a hint of eroticism and forbidden fruitions that spring to mind.

Danielle Harris has the same symbolic phases that every genre diva has been through. They will encounter a childhood stardom, hit a busty scandalous phase, then to finally settle down. Danielle Harris hit a stint in the horror genre then recently exploded back with a vengeance thanks to Rob Zombie's casting in Halloween (2007). Now she's scheduled for a plethora of horror films, mainly reboots of classic B-movie fare. Judging by the Prank teaser poster, I could wildly assume that Danielle Harris forgot which Halloween film she starred in.

This guy points too much and I don't think Danielle even watches horror films.

Ever since the stalker situation, Danielle Harris' life will never be the same. She was stalked, obsessed over, and emotionally abused. Threatened if she changed and followed to the grave, this deep love will never fade and Rob Zombie's choice to have her bare all was the only exploitative and interesting factor of Halloween (2007). Apart from the real to life stalking incident, Danielle Harris is only a human being who is more beautiful than some others. Time can only tell if this mysterious stalker will "come home" to claim his "reimagined" prize, or other stalkers for that matter. Not a very intelligent move on Ms. Harris' part.



peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

Danielle Harris was much more gorgeous and desirable as a 10 year-old than she is now as a 32 year-old.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Danielle said her favorite horror film was Poltergeist, you see, i told you, its..."HEATHER, HEATHER, EVERYWHERE. HEATHER, HEATHER, BEYOND COMPARE".