Oct 13, 2008

Dance of the Dead

This title is not to be confused with the Masters of Horror Dance of the Dead, but is rather a genius reinvention of the zombie film. With a script originally penned in 1998, one must find it hard to bash this loud-mouthed zombie comedy for predating most of the others in its flock. John Hughes meets Return of the Living Dead in what might be the most fun I've milked out of a zombie film in some time (Not counting re-watching Cemetery Man).

Ghost House Underground has recently collaborated on bringing a collection of mixed horror films into distribution. A fruitful and appreciated effort, but many of the films range from bad to worse; The Last House in the Woods being the spotlight, that is until I saw Dance of the Dead. This entirely invigorating experience is sponsored by outrageous characters that you have no choice but to love entirely. Science fiction geeks and furious punk rock rednecks all come into play over a prom night fueled by a zombie massacre thanks to a power plant ala Class of Nuke 'Em High which leaves a wonderful gap that can be concluded with a sequel. Perhaps Afterparty of the Dead?

It feels good to be a kid again, I'll tell you that much. This film brings to mind old memories of sneaking geeky horror films and appreciating all the gut-munching entertainment that was available. I expected something of the same out of German film Night of the Living Geeks, but I was too bored to finish the film. Maybe I can lend some time towards a round two. Words get jumbled when I try to pen down the emotions this film allowed to to excrete. This is simply a no holds barred blast when it comes down to raw zombie entertainment. Considering that zombie films normally bore me, you should bite into this.

While this might be towards the stoner crowd a tad bit, the anti-heroes present themselves as heroes and the geek gets the girl. In all entirety, this film is practically seamless and destined for a cult status, maybe even more so over the over hyped Shaun of the Dead (Which still holds some leverage over the latter films). Featuring a youthful cast of kids who actually look like kids and a Dellamorte Dellamore inspired caretaker roaming the rolling hills of the cemetery, I can't imagine enjoying this film anymore than I already do. All this, plus the rewatchability factor is off the scale.



Keith said...

I've been on a zombie kick lately so I'll definitely have to check out this movie.

Soiled Sinema said...

Definitely worth it. The wonderful world of teenagers was meant to be in a zombie crisis.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

when they get them right, (as with this one), zombie movies are absolutely magnificent, and untouchable in terms of their entertainment value.

august schellenberg lV said...

just a couple of points, shaun of the dead is unwatchable british made rubbish and rupert everett is a faggot so he`s a load of old rubbish as well, otherwise great reveiw, and jervaise was right on the money, as always.