Oct 27, 2008


Chaos is a foul and repugnant film. The stench of death and vermin will no doubt be excreted from your television set. I use the words "brutal" and "nihilistic" when needed be, but after a while, the films start to lose their impact. Sure, the subject matter might be way over average viewer's heads but I always retain the fact that it was once disturbing to me. One word I've never had to use in a review - Savage. Chaos is absolutely the most savage experiment ever planned out and filmed. This is also the reason that Chaos fell into an early grave.

Chaos is another rehash of Bergman's The Virgin Spring. Even though Last House on the Left was an uncredited remake, I don't enjoy the idea of picking on David DeFalco's film just because it made somebody shit their pants due to the embodiment of evil acted out by Kevin Gage. David DeFalco is an absolute lunatic, if you couldn't tell by his film making. To promote Chaos, he galloped around LA Coroner's Crypt babbling about evil while shirtless. At least it's more thought out than David Lynch making a public appearance with cattle.

Chaos isn't nearly a shot-by-shot remake as you might have read from the many flamers this film has pissed off. I like to think of it as a thought-by-thought remake. DeFalco takes a scene, imagines to himself "Hey, we need to change the bumbling cop duo and add some race relations to ante up the tension!" and it works like gold. There's so many things I can't stand about Craven's heralded "masterpiece". It might have been terrifying years ago but we have Chaos now.

Kevin Gage acts alongside Sage Stallone (Who is also co-owner of the fabulous Grindhouse Releasing) and both deliver incredible acting performances. Whereas Kevin Gage builds up the terror with his impressionable evil gestures and facial contortions, Sage Stallone mellows the screen out as the one participant who isn't sure if he is alright with what's going on. By the end of the film, you will suddenly be aware of the evil that exists all around. You will realize that you are breathing manually and that anyone can take that away from you on a mere whim.

Chaos is easily one of the worst reviewed films of all time. The score averages at around 7%. Do the math and understand how many people felt persuaded by their virtues, morals, and other reviewers into spitting venomous remarks at this film. As a kid I did the same with Rocky Horror Picture Show. I eventually cleared my head, re-watched it and fell in love. I urge you to get your own opinion on this film. The film might have been tasteless and a unbridled nightmare, but that doesn't mean it's a bad effort.

This film harmed me more ways than Last House on the Left ever hoped to. Chaos is full of violence and rape, but most of it is implied and shown off screen. The voyeuristic techniques of the camera are denied and proves that there are still some things where we shouldn't tread. Chaos has a delirious low-key ending that blows the original material's out of the water. You will be left stranded without a sick sense of glory. Only a few choice films have this incredible power to sicken. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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Anonymous said...

I do recall this film being a lot worse visually than the "pull away" camera that you mention. It's harsh, to say the least.