Oct 18, 2008

Automaton Transfusion

With a name like Automaton Transfusion you might brainstorm a young director with a head full of brilliant ideas to reinvent the horror genre. Or you could think of a numskull with a large budget making cinematic shit even more violating than Pasolini's Salo: 120 days of Sodom. For a pseudo-intellectual title that circles round to translate simply into "Zombie", this film only unleashes bland characters, annoying neck bitings which brings to question why zombies always go for that body part, and the most annoying cinematography ever committed to an idea.

Automaton Transfusion was reportedly made for 30 grand which doesn't show. Much of the budget must have been spent on coke parties with the cast and crew. The frame rate of the film making is at such a low speed that the film is constantly jumping everywhere and not in the shaky-cam way but in the "OH GOD! Is my brand new DVD skipping?".

To close this argument, if you bought this DVD you're a damn fool. Just because the "messianic" Bloody-Disgusting hailed this as a masterpiece and claimed it to be the Independent horror dream come true, doesn't mean everyone else will feel this way. In fact, I don't think anyone else will feel this way about the film. This is an entirely unlikable exercise in publicizing zombies even further. As if conformity didn't exist.

The main symptom of viewing this film.

A black mingler with brass knuckles, a faux hawk sporting pothead, and a whiny slimy sniveling "geek" all group up together in the most embarrassing friend circle during an unknown zombie onslaught. The only highlight of this film is when the Negro star isn't being disgustingly told what to do in each scene. When the black guy utilizes his ignorance, the screen shines with honesty. It's something that isn't seen that much. As much of a cultured citizen as I am, I can tell that "urban" audiences will feel right at home.

I can't say much more about this film because I want the invading thoughts to flee in agony expressed physically when I pissed acid on this DVD (In my mind). Don't believe any of the hype. Bloody-Disgusting only adds to the list of film review sites that get bribed into reviewing a "good" film. I don't appreciate lies and slander as much as I don't appreciate an absolutely horrible film that steals "innovative death scenes" from every other zombie classic. Do stay away from this garbage. Don't even look at the case.



Stokes said...

Poor Lord Zed. He looks so upset.

Soiled Sinema said...

Lord Zedd is heartbroken.