Oct 6, 2008

Adventures in Dinosaur City

It takes a special moment to realize my appreciation for this long-lost gem. As I sit and eat a bowl of cereal, I can only imagine it's the sugar that rekindles the inner-child in me. I remembered key scenes from this film 16 years ago. That's a long time to try and force the title back in my head but sadly, I had completely forgotten it. Only about a year ago, I finally found the title with the aid of an internet random and I had slaved to track it down. I must know if the film retained any of its charm through the vicious cycle of time.

Adventures in Dinosaur City is an extreme exercise in minimal lighting. Brett Thompson went for a bleak tone to spin the story of the ill fated Saur City. The plot aims right for the heart strings of children. A scientists son and two friends get sucked into a Dinosaur cartoon where it is up to them to recruit hero's Rex and Tops to stop the dreaded Mr. Big and restore sanctity to the Dinotopia. The subject matter of kids getting transported inside electronics isn't anything new but in this film, It's given a new life as the action and humor is actually something adults can dig into.

As for an innovative standpoint, Adventures in Dinosaur City takes the same formula that Street Sharks used and created incredibly catchy one liners with awesome action. After re-watching Adventures in Dinosaur City, I can successfully say that I want to yell "Gimme Claw!" at a random passerby. No doubt I'd probably get the shit kick out of me, but the nostalgia this film has fed me is greater than any adrenal surge conceived yet.

The action in this film can be divided perfectly down the middle. We got the average 3 Ninja's Kick Back combat style which normally involves a brat fighting with no rhythm and making comical gestures. Then we got the surprisingly good martial arts performed mainly by sidekick Tops. It's always persuasive enough to watch a rubber man in a foam suit do cartwheels and drop kick cavemen.

Adventures in Dinosaur City is a fun romp through the prehistoric era but don't let that fool you. This is a double-edged abrasive family film that will resort to pre-adolescent double entendre's and extremely crude humor that will promote childhood rebellion. Partially disturbing in tone and relentless in fun, This is a must see and a children's cult classic. I can't remember seeing hot topics such as sacrificing oneself, hot bimbo cave women, ejaculation jokes, and smart ass dinosaurs all in one PG package. I need to digest this a bit.



Fred [The Wolf] said...

This looks so silly that it must be watched. I hope I can track this down. Great review.

Slayton said...

Completely unrelated to the post, but I suggest that the writer of this blog find a copy of the Australian black comedy "Mushrooms", where two old spinsters chop up an ex-con and feed him to their chickens, who start laying eggs every few seconds. It's a lot of fun, but as far as I know it doesn't have a DVD release.

Another title of note is the animated British film "When the Wind Blows", about the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse.

Oh, and "Felidae", a graphically violent, animated French film about a feline detective. Features some loud cat sex, as well.

Soiled Sinema said...


But yes, I will attempt to track these down. I've been having a fiendish taste for animated classics lately and these look to satisfy my sweet tooth.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Did the girl take her clothes off ?. By the way, dont you dare reveiw "When The Wind Blows" its British made dog-shit.