Sep 6, 2008

Watch Out

From the bowels of cult independent cinema comes the shining Polaris at last. Critically acclaimed director Steve Balderson has crafted an instant classic from the foundation of a controversial novel from Joseph Suglia baring the same title. Ranging from extreme narcissism to blatant and well thought out monologues preaching an insane misanthropy, Watch Out is a surefire hit in every way.

With the flick of a switch, Watch Out propels you deeply into the mindset of an auto-erotic (fascination and arousal by ones self) preteen named Jonathan Barrows who, from a young age, shows an extreme disinterest in any sex. As his parents force him to acquire a girlfriend and lose his virginity, he becomes increasingly more distant from any plane of social interaction. He is god to himself and through two acts, we come to learn his cause and his mission.

The film presents itself with a stream of non-stop narration through Barrows' often sexual interactions. His philosophies are very un-PC and solid to a point. To him, people are flesh and he is the closest thing to a god. Only he can satisfy his deepest lust; a bizarre craving for his own flesh. This urges him to tape an image of his gorgeous face on a blow up doll whom he fondles and caresses while forgetting how desirable he is to the undesirable.

Before I even had a chance to call it, Watch Out mocks the Fight Club generation, laying author created improvised speeches on Marxist ideals. We really do act like insects, don't we? Scurrying about our boring average lives. This film not only changed the way I viewed things; It rocked me to the core. Part demented philosophies, part American Psycho; Watch Out is a sensation that any gender can enjoy. I don't think I've ever seen sexual surrealism used to such a medium as Watch Out does.

What really sells the madcap mood is music created by keyboard aficionado Rob Kleiner, who is know for his work in such bands as Tub Ring and Super 8-Bit Brothers. If you've heard any of his work, you can come to expect an eerie pulsing of sideshow inspiration that is almost as frenetic and paced as their live performances. This is the ultimate compliment to Riddlehoover's jaw dropping performance as our anti-hero.

Riddlehoover braved a lot of ground playing our astoundingly flamboyant denizen of his own fantastical fantasies. This role required an absurd amount of male nudity and extreme sexual situations. I myself wouldn't have enough balls to do what Matt did. Watch Out is one of the best films to have been released this year. It sets new ground in the genre of psycho-sexuals and their exploits. A masterful artifact of directing led by bizarre visions chronicling the death of the average good Samaritan. In other words, a must see.


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