Sep 9, 2008

The Vienna Aktionists Collection

In a world where I've seen the most extreme, bizarre, and unkempt acts performed, I always find ways to one up my own expectations. Well, today, I fear that I have reached the end of the line, folks. I present to you, the most foul, erotic, beautiful, and extreme collection of art that I've ever encountered before. So much, that I myself don't know what to make of it upon initial viewing. I keep retracing my steps, questioning my own beliefs and morals.

Call it a video mixtape if you will, created by five Viennese artists of the strictest caliber. Otto Muehl, Gunter Brus, Kurt Kren, Rudolf Schwarzkogler & Otmar Bauer all responded with an outlash of violent art aimed to destroy the very fabric of "Art" which we encountered. Their message was simple; change performance art as we know it and crush simplicity. It's a shame these artists aren't more renowned in this day and age.

The collection is based off of visual imagery so allow me to paint a canvas for you. A man has his face tied up while having layer after layer of plaster, goo, slime, and other various liquid solids smeared over his face for an insane amount of time. A time long enough for you to doubt his breathing capabilities. A room full where existential artists gather. One is bottomless while receiving a handjob from random males while a baby's diaper is changed just feet away. Lurid and foul homo-eroticism at its finest.

Cut to quick frames of vaginal torture with a flawlessly executed score. 12 inch needles impaled in a females labia. The after result is a malformed vagina which is then drowned in various substances and smacked. A bold statement is then made with the female position in the household as a pathetic female behind backs into a tiny room. The male quickly denies "the only asset in which a woman makes her worth" and continues reading. This same "asset" looks for solace in another man.

Erotic statues of nuclear family's are erected as a mother, while holding a baby, gives a male a handjob while the infant stare inquisitively. Art of this form has only been documented with photos until now. Foul oral tubes leading from ones rectum to own ass are on display with enough body horror to give David Cronenberg nightmares for life. We see the evolution of simple flesh into a form of grainy art Nouveau.

Confectionery delights are used to an extreme that surpasses Sweet Movie. Beatings and oral sex with eggs, mass orgies to same sex art pieces, I find my self unable to process this much at any time. Women covered in feces and hyper-editing of disgusting emetophilia and corophila are enacted resulting in a hellish assault on all senses.

What Muehl & co. has created is simply an erotic form of transgressive art. Showcasing the body as a canvas in which sexual freedom runs rampant. This often results from extreme fetishism to horrific acts which one cannot help but to find erotic but ashamed. From every fetish you can imagine, The Vienna Aktionists Collection puts the term "aktion" into a three hour degrading art piece and breathes life into it, creating the most expressive and disgusting form of film I've ever seen.




Fox said...

Seriously, I think I am scared to watch the clips that you've posted.

You mention Sweet Movie, and you seem to brush it off in comparison. Well, that movie was hard for me to watch when it gets to the hippie/fetish commune. At the same time, I thought much of Sweet Movie was visually breathtaking.

This is gonna take some mulling over. I fear that watching these clips could scar me.

To be continued...

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I dont know why they bother, i just want to see beautiful young girls being buggered 24 hours a day.