Sep 3, 2008


From that really crazy French director Jan Kounen (Dobermann, Capitaine X) comes another tale of complete absurdity lathered with stylish editing and featuring a raging homosexual. I do believe that appears to be Kounen's signature style when directing. As I can remember, There was a soldier who wanted the prisoners "nuts" in Capitaine X and in Dobermann, well, just watch the film.

Vibroboy takes that killer inanimate object thing and switches the defaults around, dizzying everyone (No Pun Intended). A cross-dressing faggot discovers an ancient artifact and gives it to his best friend - an abused spouse. Things get Tetsuo-ish from then on out, but then again, what film doesn't carry the heavy and original burden of surrealism created from Tetsuo?

Soon her crazy rural French husband creates a weapon using a modified chainsaw and attaching the dildo Aztec artifact and begins to chase his wife on sadistic suspicion of her cheating. In due time, a refrigerator talks, a dead rabbit summons evil, and a man is transformed into Vibroboy - A sadistic, sex-crazed man of metal and scraps who plans to reem and rape in the name of his lost civilization.

Vibroboy is a clever invention using dark humor, sadism, homophobia, science-fiction, and horror. The end result is no short of stunning. While a longer feature time would have improved upon the short 27 minute runtime, the film bears no ill traits other than the slow beginning. But this alone assures you that good things come to those who wait. Besides, how else would you see a film about a killer vibrator?


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