Sep 16, 2008


First off, I'd like to debunk any speculation as to this films roots lying deep in the action hall-of-famer's such as Die Hard or Speed. In fact, Tube is a blatant rip-off of Bullet Train (predates Speed) with Jason Statham infused action scenes such as insane train hopping and riding motorbikes where they need not be. What kind of title is Tube anyways?

Tube starts off like any Asian action movie; a gun fight between cops and crooks. Our lead Cop, name of Jay, shoots a terrorists woman and he becomes very pissed. Due to some triple twist implanted in the film later, the terrorist sieges a subway and has bombs on each individual car with some nefarious plan to scowl and blow up hundreds of people unless the Prime Minister sacrifices his life. With Jay and Kay and some other weird characters that fit rhyme schemes, it's up to them to stop the train and save everyone's life.

I'll start the review section off by stating my vast love for all cinema Korean wise. I have been presented with the golden treasures such as Friend, The Host, Save the Green Planet!, and Oldboy. As I went into this film a die-hard Korean film fan boy, I came out slightly unnerved with my recent memories of Tube. Like the title, I found Tube to be lacking any form of substance that would make it stand out and a bland exercise in a police thriller.

When Tube's credits rolled, I found myself on the verge of tears. The ending is a pretty depressing one. It really doesn't fit in with the other parts of the film at all. Tube is an intricate little action film with little tidbits of raw emotions scattered around. The result is alarming and always surprising. While I didn't love Tube, I was entertained and found it to be an above-average outing in Korean cinema.


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