Sep 30, 2008

Thriller - A Cruel Picture

Only such a cultured nation such as Sweden could produce an exploitation of such high caliber as Thriller - A Cruel Picture. A film that features eye gouging, hardcore sex, and heroin addiction has never been so splendid. The lovely Christina Lindberg was the perfect woman to cast as the one-eyed woman seeking revenge against a sadistic pimp, a lesbian, and a handful of other social degenerates. Lindberg plays a young woman that was molested as a child which has turned her into a mute. When she becomes a young adult, she is abducted by a suave sicko who turns her into a drug addicted sex slave for him to prostitute out money.

Excessively annoying and played out hack Quentin Tarantino stole a few elements of Thriller - A Cruel Picture for his over stylized trash Kill Bill films. Despite featuring pornography and extremely offensive material, Thriller - A Cruel Picture has more artistic integrity than all of Tarantino’s films combined. Tarantino may not know how to make an original film, but every once in a while he knows the right film to steal from. Quentin Tarantino even had enough respect for Thriller - A Cruel Picture that he allowed director Bo Arne Vibenius to have a cameo in Kill Bill as a food vendor.

Director Bo Arne Vibenius made the right choice when he decided to make his lead character a mute. Christina Lindberg has enough power in her beauty and glance to keep the viewer focused on the screen. This raped and abused woman has every right to torture and kill her victimizers. Instead of entering a state of comatose, this stunning one eye trains to kill and she kills well. I especially liked how scenes of violent revenge featured in Thriller - A Cruel Picture are in slow-motion. One has to savor One Eye's art of killing.

Apparently director Bo Arne Venius used a real cadaver for the scene in which Lindberg's charcter has her eye gouged out. This offensive scene only further confirms Thriller - A Cruel Picture as one of the best, if not the best, rape/revenge exploitation films. The reality is that most exploitation films are pure garbage with little to no redeeming quality. As a whole, Thriller - A Cruel Picture is a masterpiece of the unofficial genre. The film is one of the neglected (for obvious reasons) treasures of cinema history.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

wow, it's really heavy handed to trash Quentin Tarantino in this review. The film is ok, and I'm not sure what version you saw, but in the uncut one the xxx scenes are just not necessary. It's stupid even.

Anonymous said...

Defending Tarantino is like defending a retard that has too much semen in his mouth.

And if the XXX scenes are unnecessary, does that make you a homosexual or pederast turned born again Christian?

Greg Baty said...

I too think the hardcore inserts (they aren't Lindberg) are unnecessary. The film has enough violence, style and sleaze in it. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and Lindberg is my #1 favorite genre vixen.

BTW, Tarantino is the man.

Anonymous said...

When one calls Tarantino "The Man," it is sad evidence that America has become completely feminized.

Just add a penis (if "she" already doesn't have one) to Uma Thurman and Tarantino's deranged fantasy is complete!

John Carpenter said...

This film is absolutely appalling unwatchable garbage but its still 1000 times better than anything the British film industry has ever produced. BTW Ty E, you reveiwed this on Tammys 37th birthday and the 53rd anniversary of Jimmy Dean snuffing it.

teddy crescendo said...

It doesn`t matter w-HEATHER the hard-core inserts were Lindberg or not, they would`ve still been great to jerk-off to had they been filmed in the right way but they were`nt, the idiots who filmed them committed the cardinal and completely unpardonable sin of allowing the loathsome and odious blokes arse to come into shot there-by rendering them totally useless to heterosexual geezers as masturbation-aids. Did`nt those morons realise that the only ways to film anal are either POV or the side-angle there-by ensuring that no horrifying blokes arses ever come into shot. Its a real shame because the bird being buggered and spunked over was so gorgeous but because of the ineptitude of the stupid bastards who made the film i`m never able to jerk-off to it.