Sep 14, 2008

Terror Toons

I think this is the first and only time you will ever see me talk in a shining light about a Brain Damage film, so pay close attention. I've stalked over the idea of renting Terror Toons for several years now. I think the idea of some rampant childhood nightmare mixed with a pseudo-psychedelic feel just appeals to me in some unknown manner. After hearing that a Brain Damage film was getting a sequel, my curiosity had to be nourished.

Terror Toons is a film that is undeniably hated by most people and for that, I can find much to adore about this sideshow like twisted straight to video release. A disturbing curvy pre-teen girl receives a package in the mail of a cartoon called TERROR TOONS. After popping it in and not noticing the giant title card that says Directed by Satan, she unwittingly releases two sadistic and largely entertaining killers into her household, thus destroying their form of reality as beyond their house is a giant hypnotic spinner.

Terror Toons inundates with insane and careful placed editing to further the look of a cartoon hell. Animated vultures carefully make their entrance as intestines are pulled from the Orientals cavity. Only a man child such as director Joe Castro could create such a psychotic and madcap entry in our frail and dying slasher genre.

Think of a childhood memory involving cartoons. All of your memories might even be wrapped up in animation. Now imagine if your very own Wily E. Coyote were to attempt to sever you limb from limb in order to play with your intestines while hypnotizing your friends into a disgusting vegetable while puking all over oneself. That's Terror Toons in a nutshell. This is the only single title of the entire Brain Damage library that warrants a viewing. I would even begin to think that Castro has a place in his heart for Christopher Lee's Funny Man.

The characters of Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin have instantly become iconic in my mind. I cannot imagine having more fun with any villains than with this devilish duo. Dr. Carnage is the rather green fellow in a lab coat who performs many botched procedures and involve an extreme amount of pain and the normal dose of a purplish liquid inside your head whereas Max Assassin is a giant gorilla with a Tommy gun. The costumes for these characters are extraordinary for the small budget of only $2300 dollars. Every action they perform is dubbed over with maniacal FX and character quips.

This is an extremely unconventional low budget horror film that is teeming with the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. If we had more zaniness in our horror genre, I'm sure that random experiments could be successfully pulled off rather than sacrificing an idea to the bowels of a cinema hell in which no one respects. With that in mind, Yes, Terror Toons is awful, but it is the most fun I've had with a horror film in a while. Now I just need to see the sequel.


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