Sep 28, 2008

Summer Scars

I don't consider this to be a film per say. I see Summer Scars as a re-enactment or documentation on an event that is based on true events, like in America's Most Wanted but with a stunning youthful cast and a budget. In this case, It isn't some word of mouth local legend. The events that transpire in the film are based on a scenario the director himself got caught in as a teenager which brings the chilling realism all too close.

Six rebellious teens knick a moped and meet up in the forest on a day where they should be at school. On this day of hooky, they meet up with a mysterious vagrant who presents himself as a tattered man with a past that is never uncovered. Scenes hint to him being a war veteran, but I can't be for certain. Now the events that took place in Julian Richards childhood appear to be an esoteric situation. I wonder aloud how much of this film is based on true events and which character Richards fit the role of. I can narrow it down to 4 of the 6 preteens.

Summer Scars is synonymous to a wild beast running rampant through a crowded street. Everyone must sacrifice something in order to get through this film cause if the horrifying presence of Kevin Howarth doesn't get to you, the violence directed towards children certainly will. Summer Scars is virtually impossible to review. Bringing it back to my point, It's hard to review due to its substance not really being a film. Clocking in at 67 minutes, it's short, exemplary, and vicious.

Dubious in nature, Summer Scars features all the key points to make this a classy rough thriller. The very pellet gun that Howarth brandishes reminds me of a classic Luger which only adds to the weapons menace. Don't let the cover art fool you. This would be that film you'd pass up in Movie Gallery for looking like another Sundance quickie, but there is more to this film than meets the eye.


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