Sep 15, 2008

The Secret

The Secret is a so-called “thriller” directed by actor Vincent Perez. The film stars David Duchovny in a role that the actor has yet to have since the X-Files. The film also stars the horrifying Lili Taylor and new talent Olivia Thirlby. The Secret is a film about a family's heartbreaking yet somehow confusing loss. A teenager and her mother end up critically injured in the hospital after a car accident. Both Mother and Daughter end up dying in the hospital.

Miraculously, the teenage girl becomes alive again and survives the hospital ordeal. The problem is that the Mother of the teenager has entered the girls body. The father (played by Duchovny) has had enough agony and won’t accept that his wife is trapped inside of his daughters body. When the father finally accepts this unfortunate “supernatural” situation, he becomes even more irrational.

Actress Olivia Thirlby does a wonderful job mimicking the grotesque attitude of Lili Taylor. I found it a good idea to “kill off” Taylor’s role in the film during the beginning as she has a face only an inebriated father could love. David Duchovny also does a great job as the Father who has to resist having sex with his own daughter’s body. Maybe this situation had something to do with Duchovny recently checking himself into a rehabilitation clinic for being too much of a Sex Addict.

As I mentioned before, the acting performances in The Secret are nothing short of engrossing. Seeing as an actor directed the film, it really benefited the performances of the actors. The Secret could have been easily a piece of garbage if the film had been ended up in the wrong hands. The film is surely a family affair. I just hope Hollywood realizes that David Duchovny has much more acting in him (as The Secret proves) than his character Fox Mulder.

-Ty E

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