Sep 10, 2008


Brain Yuzna has created multiple entertaining horror films that are worth their weight in gold and true treasures when it comes to rental chains. I was excited to see that he had created a Spanish killer canine film but failed to realize that the Spanish film was the one that I used to mock when I saw it on the shelves. This only dawned on me after the atrocious experiment in a human tolerance theory was over and I lay on the floor re-evaluating my choices.

Two men escape prison in an extremely tired fashion. Of course, things don't go as planned and the partner in cuffs is killed leaving a dismembered arm on a chain. From this scene, our leading lady Dante delivers many bland chase scene from a horrible prosthetic robot dog that hardly strikes fear into the hearts of men. In fact, it kind of resembles a four legged Furby.

Things don't pick up too much until when you realize that the character has amnesia. He is a rich American douche who picked up a Latino chick and played some real life role playing game about infiltration. Needless to say, the little snots get what they deserve. The rape and murder scene left me entirely apathetic as these characters lacked any common sense and or rational human traits.

Brian Yuzna has had too much of a good thing. He gets by left and right with shitty classics and still manages to make a profit off of less-than-average work. Rottweiler is a horrible film on all levels. The only thing I really enjoyed was the CGI Terminator dog. The ending is rushed as with this review (I'm not going to waste my time on something that preemptively wasted mine) and caps off an end to a story that never really should have started. He should have stuck with the Re-animator series.



Anonymous said...

It's a shame to give a bad name (even of the robotic variety) to the Rottweiler breed. this flick is Killbots (sometimes referred to as "Chopping Mall") meets Cujo with a twist of shame. also, a big twist of lame.

Soiled Sinema said...

In Japan, I hear it's known as Terminator Dog.