Sep 18, 2008


L.I.E is a disturbing film following a fifteen year old boy named Howie Blitzer and his relationship with a pederast named ‘big John.’ Young Howie lost his mother on the Long Island Expressway and it seems to have confused his emotions. He is friends with a group of young criminals that take pride in robbing homes for kicks. Howie and his friend Gary also seem to be a little bit too close. A kid named Kevin also brags about how he has sex with his own sister.

Howie gets in trouble when he decides to rob the house of ‘big John’ with his friend Gary. Big John manages to snatch Howie’s jean pocket. Howie is eventually confronted by a cunning ‘big John.” The old pedophile seems more interested in Howie’s body than receiving his stolen guns back. Instead of molesting him, big John ends up being a surrogate father of sorts for Howie. What a heartwarming film.

Howie Blitzer is played by a young and unknown Paul Dano. Dano recently wowed audiences with his powerful performance as the false prophet Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood. Despite it being one of his first roles, Dano’s performance as Howie Blitzer is nothing short of amazing. Dano has no trouble playing a confused kid with a constant aura of melancholy surrounding him. Paul Dano will no doubt be one of the greatest actors of his time.

Donovan’s song “Hurdy Gurdy Man” adds a haunting feel to L.I.E. Seeing a pederast driving around with children running around outside is as realistically dark as films can get. Hurdy Gurdy Man touches a similar nerve as the chilling scenes found in L.I.E. The odd distorted colors of the film also add to the its overall feel.

L.I.E. is maybe the only film that features a “likeable” pedophile. Due to the loss of his Mother and the jailing of his asshole Zionist father, Howie is alone in the world. An old pervert by the name of ‘big John’ is the only one that can truly comfort Howie. Howie thought he could trust his friend Gary but he soon finds out he is wrong. L.I.E. is a distressing film not because it features an evil pederast, but a pederast that has deep emotions and cares for a young man. I think director Michael Cuesta is the only director to perform such an unsettling feet.

-Ty E

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