Sep 28, 2008


Kids, Larry Clark's debut film, is still the best film by the perverted director. The film also made a name for Harmony Korine. Korine’s cameo in Kids as a drug distributing raver is also a memorable thing to see. I think I would give Korine more credit with the creation of Kids as he introduced Larry Clark to the urban “subculture” featured in the film. In all honesty, Kids is an exploitation film in the truest sense with a slight hint of artistry.

I remember becoming interested in Kids at a young age when I heard it was a film featuring skateboarding. When I actually got around to watching the film, I felt both disgusted and humored. I couldn't help but hate the two main wigger skaters, but at the same time find their antics to be retarded poetry. Casper claims to be “the dopest” ghost but really is degenerate filth. It makes one wonder if Justin Pierce, the actor that played Casper, decided to take his own life after realizing his performance in Kids is immortalized forever on celluloid.

One also can’t forget Harold Hunter, the real-life crackhead and professional skateboarder who rode for Zoo York skateboarding company. Mr. Hunter recently died, but thankfully he too has been immortalized in the film. Harold shows he has no shame when he shakes his dick for a group of white girls and boys. He also couldn't care less if a girl tells him to “stop!” Harold Hunter is better known in the skateboard world for his part in the Zoo York Mix-Tape.

Another scene that truly sticks out in my mind is when a group of preteen boys share a blunt together on a coach. They are all lined up by skin color and show their respects to “the savior” Jesus Christ. I couldn’t help but think it was odd that Larry Clark had them all touching each other with their shirts off. Mr. Clark is without doubt a borderline pedophile. Larry has even gone as far as to start skateboarding so he can become part of the “youth” subculture. I guess he really cares for children.

Kids also made me realize that America is really turning into “the third world.” Ever since the film came out over a decade ago, America has had even larger flood of uneducated immigrants. The youth featured in Kids, many of which mongrelized beyond racial recognition, are aimless and worthless. They live to fuck (and produce more unwanted children), get fucked up, and destroy. Destruction seems to really be their only instinct and they do it well. That being said, the only quality these individuals have is their ability to unintentionally entertain. A friend once told me that Kids "burned a hole in his soul” and I couldn’t help but laugh.

-Ty E


Charles said...

KIDS is probably one of the worst movies ever made.

Anonymous said...

Charles- You excrete stupidity! The next time you plan to share you opinion, be sure to elaborate. That way people know where you are coming from.

Out of curiosity, are you a fan of Tarantino and his influences?

Charles said...

all of Larry Clarks movies were obviously an excuse to get teenagers naked. But besides that this movie is boring as hell, and filled with annoying ass wiggers.

And No, Quentin Tarantino isnt "influenced" by movies, he rips them off , blatantly.

peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

i (and probably a lot of other people) was incredibly disapointed by this film, i thought it was going to be 90 minutes of naked 8 year-old girls bending over and showing their arse-holes and twats.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great how you examine films based on their adherence to racist ideologies, really spectacular work youre doing here