Sep 8, 2008

The Human Tornado

; an original accidental classic. With a track comic record that Rudy Ray Moore carried, his fame celebrated two different approach methods. A) Fans of the original comedian and his Dolemite character or B) Fans of blaxploitation classics and pimp hustling cheap film making. Rudy Ray Moore took his cult celebrity status and churned out many a film for him including 1 sequel to the original Dolemite and multiple offshoots.

The Human Tornado is that sequel that I'm referring to. When one attempts to make a sequel to a trashy, vain, and racist film, one must keep the idea of the originals philosophy intact. Dolemite II is goofier, more action packed, and features the word "nigger" every other sentence. This especially fits well with the recent pact that Rudy Ray Moore has set forth claiming he will never say that word again. This makes me fear the success of The Dolemite Explosion.

The Human Tornado features a different Dolemite character. It might be an alternate universe as seen in Jet Li's shitfest The One, but this isn't the Dolemite we grew up to love on. He is not as vulgar, his rhymes aren't as fresh, he doesn't kill honkies for fun, and there's no Hamburger Pimp. The action has improved and features self-parodying scenes of Dolemite performing an instant replay nude(!?) jump escaping from a white sheriff whose wife he just fucked.

This is the catalyst for the story. The stupid hick killed his wife after seeing the Human Tornado tearing it up in bed (Through out this film, We see Dolemite woo several white women and partake in a sexual surrealist scene). Dolemite then goes on the run with his boys to California nearly escaping a man named Cavaletti who kidnapped his women to be tortured and executed unless his club is disbanded and his dancers work at his own club.

What worked over its predecessor in this piece is the white hatred displayed by Dolemite and blaxploitation rookie Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters). Dolemite needs a lift so he steals a car. Just happens to be the automobile owned by a flaming homosexual who Dolemite shrugs off and ignores. This Mark Hamill looking queer should have been shot and killed by the Black Panthers in my own opinion.

The Human Tornado is as corny yet tragic as we love the series for, but I felt as a direct sequel to Dolemite, it was very lackluster. The action scenes were sped up and involved more classic kung-fu sound effects, but it didn't have that pimp flavor that I craved. I'd recommend this to only fans of the series, Never to a first-timer.


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