Sep 5, 2008

House on the Edge of the Park

Ruggero Deodato's classic is what I would refer to as an original rape revenge classic. It is in many ways similar to Craven's The Last House on the Left, but far superior. The Last House on the Left is a film that should burn in cinema hell. It is a film undeserving of any of its "cult" praise and notoriety. It is also a non-credited remake of Bergman's classic The Virgin Spring. Funny how The Last House on the Left gets a remake but The Virgin Spring isn't being credited for it.

House on the Edge of the Park carries a far greater purpose than shock value. The resulting finale will leave you stunned and satisfied. The foreshadowing was laid on thick and heavily. You almost feel ashamed to have not picked up on it sooner. In retrospect, House on the Edge of the Park is the polar opposite of most rape revenge films. The revenge scene comes blossoming out of a fatal mistake and turns the film into a teenage recklessness/murder plot game.

The alignment of the characters are unsure of at the beginning. When we meet "Alex", he seems charismatic and happy, only being dragged down by his job and the rich yuppies who try and trick his mentally retarded friend (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) out of money. So he takes things into his own hands to finally stick it to "the man". You'll soon uncover that every one involved has a greater purpose.

David Hess turns another great role as a psycho-sexual maniac. It seems as if he was made for the role of being a rapist. His character is unforgiving and a hollow shell devoid of any normal emotion. Humanity has reared its ugly head for all that are involved. None would escape this situation unharmed. Forget about the idea that this is an anti-drug commercial like its Last House on the Left counterpart. The only mistake these women made were going to the "party" in the first place.

Originally a video nasty, this film is now available uncut for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't imagine watching this film with 11+ minutes chopped out for the tamer audiences. The sexual violence is needed in order to establish the story and the poignancy. House on the Edge of the Park is a brash and uncompromising film depicting rape and sexual mutilation. It doesn't just stop there. This film is just an all round damn fine roughie experience. What else could you really ask for?


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Lord of Filth said...

A bloody good film, and review as well