Sep 27, 2008

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla

Cult status doesn't do much for me. If you tell me a film is praised and glorified for cutting edge low budget entertainment or abstract and obscene imagery, I won't become magnetized to the fad as much as the next fan would be. In case, Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla is not merely just a bad film; it's downright disappointing.

The conflicting and complex story is juicy in details but to continue the food metaphors, is tasteless. A group of scheming aliens are introduced without an introduction. I cannot recall the scene that shows their origin. They just appear with a greasy assassin and plot to steal an ancient statue capable of releasing King Caesar; The only weapon that can destroy MechaGodzilla. I hope King Caesar is in no more films. I don't think I could handle another unwelcome surprise.

Pretty soon, King Caesar (being of fleshy and hairy descent) attempts to take on a giant robotic killing machine made out of space titanium. The very idea of physics allowing enough momentum for the "King" to damage MechaGodzilla flusters my brain and shatters my universe, although the idea of a giant hairy caveman doing battle with a robot lizard is a bit far out as well.

King Caesar's attacking styles rapidly change as well. It's as if the original director jumped ship halfway through and left it up to a rookie to finish. He begins by pummeling Mecha G with his berserker rage, but once Mecha G gets a single hit in, Caesar runs and hides behind a rock waiting for Godzilla to save the day. The prophecy stated that Godzilla would need the help of the King, but it seems that the King needed all the help.

Godzilla's costume is ridiculous in the entry. It looks childish and ligh-hearted. It lacks that product that gives it a scaly lizard look and with gestures that a constipated kick boxer makes, this Godzilla is hardly intimidating. I'd never seen an animal "put up dukes" until this disappointing sequel. For the first appearance of MechaGodzilla - Who had always looked good as an action figure - I found this to be a first impression of the disaster kind. Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla isn't all it was/is hyped up to be.


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